So one of my favorite Facebook pages is Gun People Who Hate Gun People.  Its description is “‘Gun people who have deep-seated philosophical, ideological and sociopolitical differences with other gun people’ was too many characters.”  I like that page because, well, I have some deep-seated philosophical, ideological, and sociopolitical differences with other gun people.  Which I suppose is why I’m a member of the LGC…

Anyway, this is one of those weeks for hating gun people.  Three examples:

The right’s favorite gun-totin’ poster boy seems to have gotten himself in trouble YET AGAIN.  That’s right, Mr. George Zimmerman allegedly went and domestic violenced his latest girlfriend with a wine bottle, and got himself arrested for aggravated assault.  This comes a little over a year after he got arrested for pointing a shotgun at another girlfriend.  And that came only a couple months after he had a domestic dispute with his wife after she filed for divorce.  This time he was ordered to surrender his firearms as a condition of his bond.

Can he please just go away now?

Turning now to Arkansas:  Remember the range in Hot Springs, Arkansas, whose owner announced last fall that Muslims were no longer welcome there?  Because ISIS or something?  Well, seems that said owner prohibited two non-Muslims – Hindus of Southeast Asian extraction, to be more specific – from shooting there the other day.  Because they were non-white or something, or their money wasn’t sufficiently green, or whatever.  She tried to defend herself to the Washington Post, but I’m not buying it.

So RKBA applies only to white conservative Christians who watch Faux News and believe that there’s an entire all-Muslim city in England?  Really?  Please, make her go away.

But this week’s grand prize goes to Open Carry Tarrant County and its Trilby-hat-wearing jefe.  You know, the guys that even Open Carry Texas views as too extreme.  Seems that OCTC activists visited the Texas Legislature on Tuesday.  Which is, of course, their First Amendment right – to PEACEABLY assemble.  But media reports indicate that OCTC went beyond “peaceably” and started harassing and threatening legislators.  The Houston Chronicle reports,  “In a video posted to Facebook by Kory Watkins, the gun group’s leader, on Tuesday, open carry activists can be heard calling {Representative Poncho} Nevarez ‘a tyrant to the Constitution’ and telling him he ‘won’t be here very long, bro.'”

With the result that the very next day, the Texas House approved a proposal to allow legislators to have panic buttons installed in their offices.

Way to go, Trilby Hat.  Just go away now.  You’re so not helping.

I suppose it’s time to go back to Facebook and look at pictures of cats.  Because sometimes I hate gun people.


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