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You’ve got the tourniquet…

…but do you know how to use it? Caleb Causey from Lone Star Medics shows you the basics of applying a tourniquet properly.


So you know how to use a tourniquet…

…but have you practiced applying it to yourself under a realistic scenario? Caleb’s back, this time with a “dry fire” exercise to help you help yourself when you’ve been grievously injured.


Disasters don’t always strike at home

We talk a lot about preparing to deal with disasters at home or work. “Get home bags” are common recommendations on prepper sites. But what if you’re a LONG way from home when the event unfolds — such as in a foreign country? That makes the situation far more complex. This article has some good thoughts on the subject, starting with your planning.


Gray Man — or Grey Man?

It doesn’t really matter, because any way you spell it the notion of fitting into your environment is a basic part of reducing your victim profile. This article has a couple of good examples of why you might want to do so, along with some tips to make it happen. (BTW, remember that in most foreign countries the baseball cap will mark you as a tourist and fodder for thieves and scammers. What’s gray here may not be gray somewhere else!)


One expert’s guide to defensive training

If you’re over 25, you’ve probably read some of Sheriff Jim Wilson’s articles. You probably also know that Jim has some specific opinions about things, and one of them is what you should look for in a defensive trainer. I agree with him.


One doctor’s thoughts on dealing with the age of terrorism

You may not be able to prevent terrorism, but you certainly can learn how to deal with it when it occurs. It’s not all about shooting, either — learning how to do basic trauma care may save more lives than knowing how to shoot well. In this essay, an emergency room physician talks about what you can do for yourself and others.


Dumb picture. Good article.

Massad Ayoob details his “Five Point Checklist” for what you should do after you’ve used your defensive handgun against an attacker. It’s something I’ve memorized since first encountering it in the mid-90s, and it’s as relevant today as it was then. Read it, print it out, and save it for future reference.

– Grant

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