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Only the best of the information I find goes into the Hump Day Reading List — why would you trust your family’s safety and security to anything less?


Beyond “stranger danger”

I’ve always winced at the notion of teaching children to be fearful of strangers. When I was doing wilderness search-and-rescue I learned that lost children who’d been indoctrinated with the “stranger danger” mindset would often refuse to answer searchers who were calling out their name. Naturally, that reticence could (and occasionally did) have terrible consequences. What’s more, most sexual assaults on children come not from strangers, but from people they know. A better alternative comes from Carol Watson, the Executive Director of Missing Children Minnesota. She calls it “Run, Yell & Tell!” and talks about it (and the problems with “stranger danger”) in this article.


The security system you can hug

A good dog can be worth his or her weight in ammunition in terms of security planning. A dog serves as a mobile early warning system that can sense dangers an electronic system won’t even detect. This article at Personal Defense Networks looks at the value of a protection dog, what they can and can’t do, and how you might integrate them into your safety and security systems.


Repair supplies: the forgotten prep?

We talk a lot about preparedness in terms of self defense, home defense, food and water, but something most people probably don’t consider are the repair supplies you might need if your home is damaged. This article has a good list of some of the supplies (and tools) you might want to have on hand should your home need an emergency repair during a crisis. Excellent food for thought.


You’d think everyone would lock their doors, but you’d be wrong.

Greg Ellifritz is a police officer in Ohio, and he’s a nut for data. One of the things he keeps track of in his upper-middle-class town are burglaries for both homes and cars, and finds the overwhelming majority of break-ins were really more “walk-ins”. Why? Because people left their doors unlocked! If your’e a security-minded person and you don’t reflexively lock your doors, you’re not really very security-minded. Take a look at his most recent report and the lessons learned.


Hotel security

Ever been in a hotel and gotten a call from the front desk? Be careful what you do — it may not actually be the front desk. Here’s a quick tip to keep yourself safe while traveling.


How to properly clean and lube your AR-15

This is a good article on properly maintaining your AR-15 — replete with lots of clear pictures! If your’e new to the AR, or even if you’ve been around them a while, you’ll learn something from this article.



If you’re a fan of Animal House (and who isn’t?) you probably remember that yell as the boys got ready to head out for fun and mayhem. If you’re going on a long drive, though, you’ll want to seriously think about the things you could carry to maintain your health and safety when you’re far from home (and potentially on deserted backroads). Here’s one man’s list of the things he carried on a very long 8200-mile road trip. It’s a good discussion-starter; what would YOU take?


Holsters for pocket carry

Good article on some of the better pocket holsters for carrying a defensive firearm. I usually pocket carry during the hot summer months, and over the years I’ve tried several of the holsters on his list. My favorite is the DeSantis Nemesis, and it’s available for a wide range of firearms.

– Grant

P.S.: Everything I’ve talked about in today’s Reading List is part of preparedness. Self defense, disaster planning, home safety, family protection and more all fit into the broad world of preparedness. My latest book, “Prepping for Life: The balanced approach to personal security and family safety”, is about integrating all of those activities and helping you prepare rationally and systematically.  It’s getting 5-star reviews on Amazon, and it’s available in Kindle, iBooks, and paperback versions!


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