Hump Day Camels

I’m just jumping on an airplane to return home after four full days of teaching in Phoenix, but I wanted to share these articles with you before I left the warm sunshine!

The best ankle medical kit?

I’m sure some people are getting tired of hearing me say this, but I believe it’s more important to carry a medical kit than almost anything else. Knowing how to save someone’s life when they’ve suffered a severely traumatic injury is an important skill, and having the proper tools on hand to do so is just as important. How do you carry that gear? Many people are finding that a medical kit carried around the ankle is a discreet option, and this is a review of several models. Which one did he like best? I’ll let you read through his article to find out, but it’s the one I use!


Does your revolver shoot low?

If you have a fixed-sight revolver that shoots a little low at plausible defensive distances, reducing the height of the front sight by just a small amount will usually be enough to correct the problem. How can you do that easily and predictably, with tools you probably have at home? Read this article to find out!


Safety tips for backpackers

The term “backpacker”, as used in this article, refers to someone who travels the world, in both urban and wilderness environments, with their belongings on their back. The expectation is that the avid backpacker will encounter dangers in the wild and on the streets, and these tips cover a wide range of contingencies. Even if you’re not a free spirit, a lot of his tips apply to more mainstream travel as well. (“Beware the sudden appearance of beautiful strangers” is sage advice no matter where you are!)


What are transitional areas and why should you care about them?

Greg Ellifritz explains in this short but informative article.


Traveling with guns the “gray man” way

Interesting article on how to keep a low profile when you’re traveling with guns. (One of the better hide-in-plain-sight options I’ve seen for a bullpup rifle was a soft tennis racket case with the racket maker’s logo on the side. Didn’t look a thing like a rifle case and didn’t attract any attention on the street.)


Hardening your home against invasion

What makes this article different from most is the inclusion of a couple of case studies. Solid information that’s easier to visualize when you see how it works (or doesn’t) from the case histories. Well worth reading.


The tactical reload needs to go away

There are still places out there that teach the “tactical” reload (the one where you take out a partially full magazine, replace it with a full magazine, then store the first mag somewhere in case you need it again.) It’s just dumb, it’s always been dumb, and some people are really tired of hearing about it. If you don’t know why the “tac-load” is dumb, read this article.

– Grant

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