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Dealing with the verbally aggressive person

Not every potentially dangerous situation is a surprise. Sometimes they develop from your interaction with another person. Anyone who has ever worked in a service job understands how unhinged people can become over seemingly innocuous things, and sometimes their anger builds to the point of violence. There are some ways to de-escalate the person who is becoming angry, and this article introduces you to the process. Important reading for everyone, but especially those whose job puts them into contact with the public on a regular basis.


Heating your home in an emergency

I’m not a big believer in the notion of a very long-term (I.e., months to years) power grid collapse, but I have experienced significant (week long) power outages during winter. That’s a possibility in almost any location; the first time it happened to me was in one of the more affluent cities in my state. We had no way of heating our house, because our furnace was dependent on the electrical grid for function. It got COLD! This article has some good tips on both how to prepare and what to do when you’re caught off guard.


The disaster after the disaster

This is a great article about the recent fire and mudslides in California, from someone who was there. The writer outlines some of the “lessons learned” from dealing with this devastating one-two punch. Definitely worth reading as you make your own preparedness plans.


Which 1911 pistols really work?

I’m not a fan of the 1911 pistol as a defensive tool — I believe there are guns which are more appropriate for the task of self defense, which is my area of interest — but if you’re going to get one, get one that works. This is an excellent article from Greg Ellifritz (especially his points on the kinds of shooters who choose the gun). My recommendation for many years, based on my observations in both classes and competitions, is that Colts and Springfields run reliably, and anything else is a crapshoot. Also: the closer to stock they are, the better off you’ll be. (My only slight deviation from the article concerns Para-Ordnance pistols, where I’m more emphatic than he is: they don’t work, period. I’ve yet to see one make it through a training class. I’ve seen parts fall off of them, regardless of vintage or place of manufacture.)


Ohio residents need to read this

Ohio’s self defense statutes and case law are very different than just about anywhere else in the country. If you live in Ohio, you cannot rely on a lot of self defense information based on how things are in the rest of the country; you need an understanding of Ohio’s idiosyncrasies. Here’s some information on Ohio’s unique shifting of the burden in self defense claims.


A scam to be aware of

Although this article suggests that it’s a scam unique to Mexico resort areas, it’s actually popped up all over the globe. I haven’t heard of it happening in the U.S. yet, but it seems to be common everywhere else. If you’re traveling anywhere you should be aware of it.

– Grant Cunningham

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