This week I bring you more great articles to help you and your loved ones live safer lives. Why not grab a beverage and do some reading?


Gun thefts happen — too often

An introduction to some of the ways to keep your guns from being stolen. (Frankly, I wish the author had simply said “never keep guns in your car, period.” I realize that sometimes circumstances dictate that you do exactly that, but it should never be a habit and should NEVER be done overnight. If you find yourself keeping your gun in your car frequently, you should probably re-evaluate your lifestyle. If nothing else, at least bolt a lockbox into your trunk and lock the gun inside.)


You are not Bear Grylls

And, from what I’ve read, Bear Grylls isn’t really Bear Grylls, either. In any case, here’s an article about why bugging out to the woods is a poor substitute for actual disaster planning.


Dogs, criminals, and you

I’m sharing this because twice last week, someone commented that getting a “big dog will scare burglars away fast”. While I’m a big fan of dogs as a criminal deterrent, I’m not so stupid as to think they work all the time, every time. They don’t; many criminals aren’t at all afraid of even the most vicious dogs, or have figured out ways to get past them. They’re certainly an asset, and I recommend everyone who can have one do so, but they aren’t 100% reliable. Greg Ellifritz has some real-life examples of why that’s so.


Are hotel safes really safe?

You might be surprised at how often and easily they can be defeated. Here’s a quick and simple check for you to try next time you find a safe in your hotel room.


If you haven’t bought a flashlight yet…

…here’s a good introduction to the world of “tactical” flashlights. I believe the high-intensity flashlight is the best self defense tool you can carry, because of its usefulness over a wide range of circumstances. It can be used to identify all manner of dangers (from criminals to walking hazards), distract a non-lethal threat, to aid your striking capabilities, and much more. I am never without mine, regardless of whether I’m armed or not. (My only caveat to the article: most flashlight/gun techniques, like the author’s recommended Harries position, aren’t actually all that valuable. Keep it simple; hold the light up like you’d use it if you didn’t have a gun in your other hand, because most of the time that’s actually how you’ll do it.)


Sex trafficking is real — even in your town

I’m sharing this because sex trafficking happens, and it’s easier than you might think for a young lady to get caught up in something horrible simply because she accepts what she thought was a friendly invitation. This is something you should share with your children, or with your friends who have children.


Securing hospitals from attack

Dr. John Edeen of Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership (DRGO) has written an excellent article about attacks inside of hospitals. It happens more frequently than you might think, and Dr. Edeen has some examples and some prescriptions for what can be done to respond to them.

– Grant Cunningham

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