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Spring is taking its sweet time getting here, but that hasn’t stopped me from collecting great articles for you! This week: a look at how you walk influences predators; what not to do for home security; why you should stop buying and start practicing; a proper response to a potential intruder; and, believe it or not, someone used a snubby to defend herself!


What your walk says about you

Many years ago a friend of mine, who’d survived a war in his native country, told me about the importance of body language. He said they could tell the insurgents, dressed like locals, by their gait. They didn’t walk like the locals and were easily spotted — then dealt with accordingly. Here at home your body language, how you carry yourself, can tell predators either that you’re an ideal victim or you’re someone who shouldn’t be messed with. This is a good article about lowering your victim profile through behavior.


What burglars really think about your home security

An interesting article that tries to debunk common home security myths and brings some different thinking to the subject. I agree with their recommendation of leaving a television on, especially if its glow can be seen through the window shades.


Instead of another class, maybe you should practice what you’ve learned?

While written from the standpoint of the “prepper”, this article serves as a reminder that learned defensive skills need to be practiced to be of any value. If you’re buying new guns instead of practicing with the ones you have, you’re not really making any defensive headway.


Speaking of practice…

A reasoned look at what constitutes a well-balanced personal defense regime. Training is great, but it needs to be combined with knowledge and practice. How can you do that, especially if you don’t spend multiple days on the shooting range? This article has some great ideas for practice when you can’t always shoot.


One man’s response to the “bump in the night”

This is really a good article about one fellow’s response when someone unexpectedly showed up at his door late at night. He tells us what he did, then does a pretty good job of critiquing himself. I think his response we well done, but would emphasize one of his criticism of himself: we tend to think “gun first” when these things happen, but I’m a big believer that most of the time we really need the flashlight first. (And no — the weapon mounted light is not a substitute.)


Wait a minute — I’ve been told revolvers were useless for self defense!?

An interview with a woman who successfully defended herself and her family with a snubnose revolver (a Taurus, no less.) Good thing she didn’t listen to the training hobbyists who insist a snubby is obsolete and incapable of defending anyone! (Too bad she she no longer has that gun — I’d send her a copy of Protect Yourself With Your Snubnose Revolver!)

– Grant

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