I have no witty introduction this week, just a hand-curated assortment of articles that are worth your time to read. And a plug for my PDN show at the end (don’t miss it!)


A look at how to hold a revolver

I cover proper grasp in depth in my Threat-Centered Revolver course, because I believe it to be the single most important step to shooting a revolver well. The ideal revolver grasp is also different than the ideal autopistol grasp, because the guns are shaped differently. This article from the Revolverguy blog covers proper grasp in depth (although he leaves out the intermediate position of support thumb on top of the first joint of the shooting hand thumb. This gets the thumbs out of the way of the trigger finger, without the issues presented by a “wrap-over” thumb placement.) It’s a good article and worth your time to read.


Some preparedness advice for college students

Although I’m loathe to recommend a “bug-out” in response to a disaster, if you have kids in college they’re not going to have preparedness items in their dorm. In that case, preparing a bug-out bag is a reasonable alternative. This article will give you some ideas as to what they should include (although I think it’s important to mention that route maps need to be in paper, as well as in downloaded electronic form.)


What about those who won’t fight?

This is an interesting article from Active Response Training, dealing with the subject of the “non-combatant”. I’d never really thought about this, but there are a lot of people out there who have never trained to defend themselves, let alone anyone else. What are their best options when an attack occurs?


Layered security for your home

A decent introductory article from SWAT Magazine on steps you should take to harden your home against intrusion, and to protect the people inside.


Lots of people think they’re Rambo. They usually aren’t.

There is a lot of posturing and chest-thumping in the preparedness and defense worlds, and they often overlap. Many people think they’re going to stand against some form of invasion, or head into the woods and fight “guerrilla-style”. That usually doesn’t work out all that well. It’s better to know your neighbors and cooperate with them should a widespread danger present itself. This article pokes some much-needed holes in the idea of the suburban Rambo. (I particularly liked this quote: “…they are no stronger than the weakest member of their family.” That’s a sobering thought.)


Some thoughts on caliber and self defense

It’s an old argument, but one that comes up in nearly every class I teach. I’ve written about it extensively, but every so often someone writes an article that sums it up a little differently. (The only real disagreement I have with the author concerns his recommendation of the products from Lehigh Defense, which I — and most others I know — consider to be mostly hype. Stick with ammunition from the major manufacturers.)

– Grant Cunningham

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