April showers have brought…May Hump Day Reading List articles! Don’t miss out on any of these great references for all parts of your protected life!


Great examples of personal threat assessments

If you’ve read Prepping For Life, you know that I recommend doing threat assessments for everyone in your family.  This is a very interesting article from the Active Response Training Blog, specifically on doing personal violence threat assessments. I highly recommend you read it as part of your overall safety planning.


How to get yourself unstuck

A fairly comprehensive introductory article on recovery methods and tools for the offroad traveler. (I’m a little dubious about sharing this article. I grew up in the woods and live there today, and have done a lot traveling in the backcountry — and never once needed most of the equipment and tools that are considered “essential” for the modern 4×4 enthusiast. This may be because the idea of special 4×4 “workout” trails as recreation are a little foreign to me; therefore, I recommend you read this article as an education in technique, not as a shopping list to be filled.)


What if nothing happens?

One of the questions many people have but are afraid to ask is “what if I do all this prepping, and nothing happens?” This article considers that possibility and offers some well considered thoughts on the matter.


What about the knife as a defensive tool?

I’ve been pretty open about my doubts regarding the utility of edged weapons for self defense. One of the people who has given me a lot to think about on the topic is Cecil Burch; here’s a very good article he wrote on his blog, looking at the realities of the knife as a defensive tool. If you’re “on the fence” about this topic, you owe it to yourself to read it.


Your toaster may be your biggest enemy

More and more cyber attacks are being launched through and with the aid of “connected devices”, commonly lumped together as the “Internet Of Things” (IOT). Securing connected devices is becoming more and more important, and this article has a good primer on how you should start doing so in your own home.


Warning signs of spousal violence

In the world of personal safety, we look at “pre-incident indicators” (PINs) for clues to the behavior of people. When it comes to domestic violence, particularly murders of spouses and intimate partners, there are a lot of clues that pop up beforehand. Gavin deBecker, author of “The Gift of Fear”, believes that the presence of certain specific PINs make spousal homicide one of the most preventable crimes in America. Any one of the indicators listed in this article may not be cause for alarm, but when they “cluster” — happen together in the same person — the chances for violence increase dramatically. This may be a difficult article for some to read, but everyone needs to.

– Grant Cunningham

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