Is it Wednesday again already? How time flies when I’m collecting articles to share with you!


Credit card thieves are amazingly enterprising

Krebs on Security posted this article about credit card skimmers — but this time there’s a new wrinkle: they were placed on card scanners at the checkout lines of grocery stores, right under the noses of the clerks. He even ahs video of one being placed — watch how quickly it happens! Skimmers are everywhere, and it pays to be extra cautious when using a debit card in a terminal.


No time for preparedness? You might be surprised.

Good article on how to make time for the important things. Throwing out your television is a good first step.


Airplanes are full of germs

I fly a lot, and I do many of the things in this article. The most important thing to understand is that airplanes are not cleaned or disinfected after flights; the trash is picked up, and sometimes vacuuming is done, but other than that they aren’t in any manner cleaned like your or I clean our homes. If you’re going to fly, read this article and heed some of the tips. (I still take the aisle seat, but I do wipe off the tray table and armrests when I sit down. People look at me funny, but I’m fine with that. People look at me funny anyhow!)


Is that kid really a threat?

We’re not talking about teenagers, either. Greg Ellifritz has some observations about violent juvenile criminals; they’re out there, they’re smarter than you think, and probably more violent than you can conceive. Just because they’re young doesn’t mean they’re not a threat. Have you thought about needing to defend yourself from an armed 11-year-old?


SIG-Sauer ammunition for carbines?

SIG-Sauer’s line of V-Crown ammunition (bullets made by Sierra, assembled by SIG-Sauer) has underwhelmed me since its introduction. The ammunition just doesn’t perform all that well out of a handgun. However, their 125-grain .357 Magnum fired from a carbine looks pretty good. All other 125-grain Magnum loads disintegrate at the velocities that a carbine develops. The V-Crown, though, holds together and appears to have ideal penetration (at least in fake gelatin — which isn’t a reliable test medium.) I’m just impressed the bullets didn’t vaporize, which is enough to get me to test them for myself.


Beware the “self defense device”

You may not have noticed this, but in recent years several “direct marketing” companies (better known as multi-level marketing, or MLM) have sprung up in the self defense space. Their bread and butter is reselling dubious self defense products aimed at exploiting women’s fears. Phil Elmore looks at two such products that are pushed as ideal self defense tools for women, and he explains what they are and why they’re a bad choice.

– Grant Cunningham

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