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A springtime Hump Day List, featuring: a look at hotel security you may not have considered; making a drill for an active shooter at work; the safe way to deal with a home invader; making self reliance a positive activity; what pepper spray can and can’t to; making your passwords more secure; a different look at open carry; and a sad tale of a good samaritan attempt gone bad.


Is your hotel door closed? Don’t be sure!

From the Your Ultimate Security Guide blog comes this tip about making sure the automatic door closers in your hotel room are really closing the door. I’ve had numerous closure failures, but I always stay with the door until I’m sure it’s latched. Not everyone does, and this is a cautionary tale. (I’m surprised he didn’t mentioned bringing your own security device in the form of a stout door wedge. I carry these with me wherever I travel, and haven’t found a hotel door yet they wouldn’t secure.)


How would you handle an active shooter in your workplace?

Have you given any thought to putting together an active shooter drill for your office or company? Like a fire drill, the active shooter drill prepares you and your employees to quickly and efficiently respond to an active threat. This video features Rob Pincus going over the details of what you should put in your plan and how you should practice your responses.


Should you confront a home invader?

I see lots of news stories about people who have confronted home intruders and the results have not always been good. Confronting someone in your home is a dangerous activity, and this article talks about just why that is — and what you can do instead.


Is self sufficiency a chore?

Self sufficiency, whether we’re talking about self defense or preparedness in general, should be a liberating thing. If you’re scared or overwhelmed, you’re not doing it right! This short article will help you understand why this is a liberating activity. (And stay tuned, because later in the year I’m publishing a groundbreaking new book that will show you how take a measured approach to preparedness and personal security that will help you achieve balance — and leave you feeling better about your future!)


Pepper spray isn’t magic!

So many people buy pepper spray under the belief that it’s a magic elixir that will instantly drop anyone it touches. That’s not true, and in fact pepper spray has many disadvantages. Using it effectively requires an understanding of its limitations, some practice on your part, and the understanding that you’ll probably suffer exposure. This is a good article that dissects a successful use of pepper spray and points out what you need to prepare for if you use it.


Making more secure passwords

Ever wonder why so many passwords get hacked? Because there are certain patterns that people use, and surprisingly enough your first name might be a good indicator of a hackable password! Here’s some interesting statistical analysis that may help you strengthen your passwords.


Complexities of open carry for self defense

I don’t usually link to this particular site because their articles tend toward the ‘awful’ end of the spectrum. In this case, however, they got Massad Ayoob to look at open carry, self defense, and how that may complicate your legal and social lives. It’s a good article; read it with an open mind, because there are important lessons to be learned on both sides of the OC debate.


Intervening isn’t always a good idea

Intervening in someone else’s fight, especially when it’s not a fight until you get involved, doesn’t always end well. When it doesn’t, it can end with an unfortunate death — maybe even yours. I feel so sorry for this guy, whose heart was in the right place but whose actions actually made the situation worse. Let’s all learn a lesson from his tragedy; don’t pursue property criminals, even if you’re armed. Be a good witness, tell police what they looked like and where they went, but don’t chase them down with the expectation of holding them until the cops arrive.

– Grant

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