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Jump on in, the GPS water is fine!

There was a time when I was a die-hard GPS hater, but as the technology improved (and I learned how to use it most effectively) I changed my mind. There are times when compass triangulation doesn’t work, and times when GPS doesn’t work, so knowing how to do both (and how to integrate the results) makes land navigation faster, easier, and more precise. Here’s one fellow’s take on the GPS versus compass debate. For me, I wouldn’t want to be without either one!


Winter ammunition?

There are still people out there advising that you change your ammunition during winter to account for the thicker clothing people tend to wear. That may have made sense 30 years ago, when defensive ammunition was not as reliable over a wide range of circumstances, but today it makes no sense whatsoever. Pick a good, modern hollowpoint design (I tend to recommend Speer Gold Dot and Federal HST) and leave it alone. Greg Ellifritz has the details if you’re so inclined.


If you live on the West Coast, you need to read this

The Cascadia Subduction Zone is the area off the Pacific Coast where the Juan de Fuca and North America plates come together. It’s also the source for a potentially devastating earthquake — depending on where the epicenter is, it might result in tens of thousands of deaths — and, in the worst-case scenario, perhaps an order of magnitude more. Some new technology allows researchers to better model the possible scenarios (and help us plan how to survive them.)


Is credit monitoring after a breach a good idea?

The Krebs On Security Blog has some thoughts, and perhaps a better plan.


A good use for trigger guard holsters

A few years ago we started to see advertisements for minimalist holsters which were nothing more than a snap-on cover for the trigger, along with a string or loop to attach them to a belt. I thought they were a dumb idea, but eventually we found a really good use for them: as an added safety device on a staged firearm. Here’s a PDN video that explains the concept.


But wait — “they” tell me that criminals are scared of guns!

Another open carry theft that open carry advocates insist never happens. My never-to-be-humble opinion is that open carry of a firearm only dissuades the amateurs — while it’s the professionals you need to worry about. Seriously, keep your defensive tools concealed!


Deadly force to defend property?

Aaron Israel, owner of Fundamental Defense in Texas, has some thoughts on the subject. Texas has what are probably the most lenient laws in the country regarding the use of deadly force, but Aaron isn’t necessarily a fan of the laws in his home state. His thoughts mirror mine: the only legitimate use for deadly force is the protection of innocent life. Just because the law says you can doesn’t make it right.


…and a horrifying illustration of the previous topic:

This is a truly sad story. A man runs out of his Alabama workshop on Christmas eve, grabbing his gun as he does so, because he hears someone driving away in his pickup. He fires a warning shot into the air; the pickup doesn’t stop, so he fires a round into the tailgate. That round pierces the gate, the cab, the seat — and into his own 22-year-old son, killing him on the spot. The son had apparently borrowed the truck without his father’s knowledge.

This illustrates all too well the problems that can occur when someone is gun-centric in their protection and preparedness outlook. There was no reason, at all, for the father to have a gun in his hand as he ran after his departing truck, let alone to be shooting at said vehicle — none whatsoever. He wasn’t in danger, and so the encounter didn’t rise to the level of justifiable lethal force.

Using deadly force to protect property, even if it’s technically allowed by law, very often ends up in an undesirable outcome. Understand the legitimate uses of lethal force, and don’t introduce the firearm into incidents where it isn’t necessary.

– Grant Cunningham

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