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In this week’s Reading List: how to deal with stupid people when you know them; the problems with using fingerprints for security; a look at pocket pistols; hacking the 911 system and why it’s dangerous; a flashlight saves the day; how to discuss preparedness with your spouse; what you should do with your kids if you’re attacked; and promising new defensive ammunition for the snubnose revolver.


Sometimes the stupid finds you

John Farnam is famous for this 3-step personal security plan: “Don’t go to stupid places. Don’t hang out with stupid people. Don’t do stupid things.” Sometimes, though, the stupid finds you in the form of a friend or relative whose judgement is impaired. How do you handle those potentially volatile situations? Here’s an article about some of your options and what the outcomes may be. (Personal observation: it’s hard to avoid your relatives, but if your friends regularly do these things you probably need to hang out with a better class of people.)


Touch ID risks

Touch ID is all the rage on mobile devices, but it’s not without its risks. Justin looks at “best practices” for using Touch ID, centered on iOS devices but with lessons for all systems.


Pocket pistol pros and cons

Pocket carry is often the best way to have a defensive handgun in professional environments or hot climates. The subcompact handguns popular for concealed carry — often referred to as “pocket pistols” — are not without their compromises, however. Kevin Creighton looks at the benefits and issues with these small guns to help you make an informed choice.


Can 911 be hacked?

Yes, say security researchers, it can. It’s already happened, and it’s not inconceivable that it could happen again as part of a larger attack. This article looks at the risks to our emergency communication infrastructure. (You should have your local dispatch non-emergency number, which often isn’t affected by a 911 outage, programmed in your phones!)


Flashlight FTW!

I’ve often said that the compact, high-intensity LED flashlight is one of the most valuable defensive/survival tools you can carry, and this story of a rescue on a beach is yet another example why!


Talking preparedness to your spouse

As you no doubt already know, I look at self defense as a piece of the larger subject of preparedness. Sometimes our significant others don’t see the value of being prepared, of being more resilient, and friction can result. This article looks at how to maintain family harmony while still ensuring that you’re ready to deal with a life-altering event.


What do you do with your children during an attack?

In the gun world we spend a lot of time on techniques that seem to work, because they do so in the military/law enforcement/executive protection worlds, but might not be entirely appropriate for those of us in the private sector. Greg Ellifritz looks at some of those techniques and reactions and why they may in fact be putting your kids at risk — and proposes some better solutions.


New snubby ammo?

At SHOT Show 2017, Federal announced a new loading of their superb HST bullet for the venerable .38 Special snubnose revolvers. They claim they’ve designed it for effectiveness out of a snubby barrel, and it appears to be a standard-pressure loading. I hope both prove to be true, because not everyone can handle the recoil of a +P load from a lightweight gun! There have been precious few effective standard pressure loads available in .38 Special, and I’m looking forward to learning more about this one.

– Grant

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