Another hump day, and another great collection of articles to improve your safety and self-sufficiency!


How’s your food storage?

Having a stash of food to see you through an emergency has long been recommended (even FEMA and the American Red Cross say you should have food stored). Six months of food is a good goal, and a year’s worth is even better, but many people don’t go about building their food stock the right way. Stored food shouldn’t mean MREs or freeze-dried camping food, but rather shelf-stable items you already eat. Here are some things you should watch out for in your food storage (and the recommendation about spices is spot-on!)


A whole world of experience to learn from

Last year’s attack on a mosque, where terrorists killed 305 people (yes, that’s three hundred and five) was virtually ignored by defensive trainers in this country. Why? I suspect a variation of the well-known “not invented here” syndrome: because it happened in a foreign country, they think it has no application to us. Greg Ellifritz begs to differ, and has a good analysis of the incident along with lessons we should all learn.


Concealed carry, travel, and you

Massad Ayoob, who travels almost constantly and all over the country, has some words of wisdom for those of you who travel with your concealed carry firearm.


What do you do if your phone is stolen?

A survival guide, courtesy of c|net, written by someone who experienced the loss himself. It’s not the end of the world, but what you do will determine how deep the loss really is.


How a British rock band saved a life

An interesting story, and one which I share to underscore a point: don’t place medical training last on your preparedness list just because it’s not exciting. It’s probably far more important than anything else you’re doing.


How human predators work

This article isn’t about the kind of predators who wait in the shadows to pounce on the unwary; rather, it’s about predators who work to gain someone’s confidence — grooming them — then take advantage of them when they least expect it. They’re insidious, and their crimes range from financial theft to the most depraved killings you can imagine. Here’s what one woman wishes someone had taught her about predators.


Phishers are getting better. Your defenses need to evolve too.

Phishing is the art of getting sensitive information (passwords, credit card numbers, personal information) by pretending to be a trustworthy entity on the internet. We’ve probably all gotten emails from someone who was obviously trying to get information from us, but were so transparently obvious that we did little more than giggle as we sent it to the trashcan. But those emails (and fake websites and pop-ups) are getting more and more sophisticated, and even some very savvy people have been fooled. Here’s what those criminals are up to and how to avoid them.


We men think we know it all. We don’t.

An article titled “Self Defense Tips For Men” seems kind of silly, doesn’t it? I mean, really, men don’t need those tips — we know it all already! It’s those women who need self defense tips, right guys? Well, that’s just not true. Too many men have incomplete and downright incorrect notions about self defense, and Wim Demeere wrote this article to straighten “those guys” out. (Because they’re the ones that need it, not us — but maybe you should read through the article before you share it, just to make sure it’s on the up-and-up. I won’t tell, I promise.)

– Grant Cunningham

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