It’s almost the Ides Of March, but I’m not going to stab you in the back — instead, my new camel caravan has brought information to keep you from being stabbed by the sharp knives of misfortune of all kinds!


Have you given this any thought?

Preparedness is more than just guns; I advocate an approach that recognizes the wide range of hazards you face, and making plans to mitigate them. One hazard all of us share is that of financial and personal data security. Have you made protection for those things part of your preparedness?


Your mouth will get you in trouble

The gentleman in the picture shot a lady during a store robbery — simply because she said something she thought was innocuous, but which he interpreted as a dare. Most of us don’t inhabit a violent subculture, and as a result we don’t think about how our words might be interpreted differently by someone who does live in that world. It’s time to learn! This is an older article but well worth reading.


Learning new tricks (that aren’t so new)

Appendix carry, often abbreviated to “AIWB”, is the latest rage in the tactical training world. Lots of people, a very large percentage of them new to the concealed carry lifestyle, swear by it — while lots of the old guard swear at it. It’s often decried as being uncomfortable and unsafe, but how true are those beliefs? One “old guy” took a good look at AIWB and concluded “not very”.


Lessons learned from recent hurricanes

People who’ve lived through a natural disaster, particularly those whose knowledge of preparedness is better than most, have a tendency to look at their experience and those of their neighbors to help prepare for the next one. This is a great article about some of the lessons learned from hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria last year. The article has some very good advice for those who face severe storms.


Are you being followed?

Do you know what the telltale signs are? Do you know what to do if you are being followed? This is an introduction to the topic; it’s a bit simplistic (and the Cooper color codes are horribly misinterpreted by the author), but it’s a good primer for those who are new to the material.


Testing eye protection

Disclaimer: the testing in this article goes well beyond any ANSI standards, and are not useful as any sort of comparison except within the items tested. However, it’s a really good look at what eye protection will and will not do for you at the shooting range. What’s interesting is how well the cheap, ugly, one-piece  safety glasses you see at the home improvement store actually work. What’s even more interesting is how well the prescription polycarbonate lenses, often sold as safety glasses, don’t work! (Note: the test was done in South Africa, but since almost all of the low-end glasses are imported from China you’ll find the same models available locally, albeit with different brand names. Elvex is imported into the U.S.)


The skinny on AR-15 magazines

If you’re new to the AR-15 world (and even if you’re not), this article will give you a run-down on what magazines are available and how to maintain them. (It’s a decent article, though I do take issue with the nonsense about magazine followers. I’ve had many people tell me they’ve had issues with various types of followers, and there’s a big aftermarket to replace “bad” ones with whatever the current “good” ones are. In close to 30 years of shooting the AR-15, being a student in rifle classes where tens of thousands of rounds were shot by the students, and teaching people how to use them myself, I’ve never seen what I could identify as a follower-related magazine failure. Take it for what it’s worth, but I don’t obsess over what followers are in my magazines.)

– Grant Cunningham

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