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More great articles for you! This week, some tips for the new concealed carrier; what happens when preppers (or anyone else) goes overboard; how to coordinate defensive actions with others; yet another shooting that a flashlight could have prevented; a comprehensive look at women’s carry options; snubbies are making a comeback, and it’s noticed in an unusual place; pepper spray gets oversold — again; and finally, how to properly clean and prep a wound.


New to carrying a defensive firearm? Know someone who is?

These tips may help you (or them) get started on the right foot. It’s not comprehensive, but it does address most of the worst mistakes new concealed carriers make.


You’re not paranoid if they’re really out to get you!

An interesting article about hardcore “preppers” from the Las Vegas Sun. Yes, some people do go over the edge and I can point you to some of them in the defensive shooting world, too. It’s easy to get deeply involved in something, to the point you lose your perspective. Being prepared for plausible events, from crime to natural disasters, is good. Allowing it to dominate your life isn’t healthy or productive. (For a deeper look at the difference between prepared and paranoid, and how to keep your life balanced while prepping, stay tuned for my new book — an announcement is coming soon!)


Working well with others during an incident

Many of us work or live with other people who we expect to be an ally during a self defense incident. Working well as a team doesn’t “just happen”, however; you need to do a little work ahead of time to ensure an efficient and safe response. In this Personal Defense Network video, Rob Pincus goes over the “Three C’s” of a good team defense.


Another preventable mistaken identity shooting

In Michigan recently, a man woke to the sounds of what he thought was someone breaking into the house. He grabbed his pistol, and when the front door swung open he fired at the intruder — who turned out to be his father coming home later than expected. These kinds of shootings happen all the time, and while this article’s suggestion of a password and response might be one way to solve the problem, I have two easier ways: first, you could always call out “Dad, is that you?” Second, you could grab a flashlight and illuminate the person before pointing a gun in his general direction. Have you thought about this, and what steps have you taken to make sure you don’t become this guy?


Another woman weighs in on carry options

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that when it comes to women and concealed carry, there are no “universal” solutions. With men, it’s easy; with women, every little wardrobe change means a change in carrying the gun. In this article, one woman details the ways she’s tried to carry and the pros and cons of each. (Pay particular attention to what she says about carrying a gun in a purse!)


Who would’ve predicted a snubnose renaissance? (Besides me, I mean.)

I was surprised to see this article on Soldier of Fortune’s website. I think the author overstates the “power” aspect of the snubby revolver, and revolvers can and do fail, but he does bring up some good points otherwise. If you’re wondering why the snubnose revolver seems to be making a comeback, this might give you a perspective from a “regular guy”. (Mostly, though, I’m glad they chose the Kimber K6s as their illustration!)


Again with the pepper spray?

I’m of the opinion that pepper spray may be a legitimate defensive choice in some circumstances. This article does a good job of telling the reader about the benefits, but unfortunately (like so many other articles) gives little attention to the downsides: first, pepper spray has a very high failure rate; second, getting a proper dose on an attacker is sometimes difficult; third, if you’re close enough to use it effectively you’ll also get exposed and suffer the consequences. If you’re going to choose pepper spray, or someone you love thinks it’s the answer, you need to know the most effective ways of using it AND you need to be sprayed with it yourself, so you can learn how to fight through its effects. Finally, you always need a backup plan for those common cases where the stuff just doesn’t work like you expected it to!


Proper wound treatment starts with cleaning

I know lots of people who have suture kits in their first aid kits, but closing a wound — with sutures or bandages — without thorough cleaning can result in life-threatening infection. If you’re in an area where medical help is scarce or requires lengthy transport, knowing how to properly clean a wound is vital. Even if you live in a normal suburban area and your child has a minor injury not worthy of a trip to the doctor, understanding the importance of wound cleaning may make the difference between rapid healing and a trip to the emergency room to deal with an infection. Cleaning a wound isn’t as easy as irrigating it with hydrogen peroxide, either! Read this article and add to your understanding of first aid.

– Grant 

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