It’s the first Wednesday of June? Why, let’s celebrate with some great self defense, personal safety, and family preparedness articles!


How will you protect your children?

When you have children, defense planning gets substantially more complicated. The younger they are, the more impact they have. This article looks at the five biggest myths people have about keeping their kids safe, and it’s worth reading.


Can you really prepare in an apartment?

Any amount of preparedness you do is helpful, but many people put off even modest preparation because they feel they can’t do much in an apartment. The truth is that you can always be more prepared than you are now, no matter where you live. Check out some of the tips for apartment dwellers in this article.


What about senior citizens?

As we age our needs and abilities can change substantially. Some preparedness things we don’t need to think about now take on a special urgency when we get to a certain age. This article talks about some of the unique obstacles senior citizens face when it comes to their personal readiness.


Enhancing your lever action

Whenever I talk about the defensive possibilities of lever action rifles, some people get downright hostile. One of their favorite retorts is that there are “no accessories available” for the lever action. Well, perhaps not as many as for the AR-15, but there are enhancements available for the ol’ levergun. Here are just a few of the many available for Marlin rifles.


Make your travel happier by being safer

If you’re planning a trip to a foreign country there are a lot of things to consider. One of them is how to stay safe, not just from intestinal infections but from crime as well. Here’s one veteran traveler’s tips to make your trip both happy and safe.


Some online scams are really sneaky

Have you heard of “Look-Alike Domains”? These are websites that fool you into thinking you’re going to Google or Amazon, but instead redirect you to a malicious site. They’re common, and they seem to be getting more so; in the last couple of months, two friends have fallen victim to them. Here’s what you need to know about look-alikes.

– Grant Cunningham

P.S.: Don’t miss Training Talk tomorrow evening on Personal Defense Network! My guest will be Alessandro Padovani of Safer Faster Defense, and we’ll be looking at “advanced training” — what is it, and do you really need it? It’s sure to be a fascinating discussion with one of the most thoughtful instructors in the business.








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