Wednesday the 13th is extra lucky, and I’ll prove it by sharing some really great articles to help keep you and your family safer and more secure!


I wish I’d written this. It’s that good.

This article from the Preparedness Advice blog is pure gold. The author looks at five pieces of common preparedness advice and takes each one apart, and I agree with just about everything he says. It’s worth reading for everyone, whether you consider yourself a prepper or not.


All in the family

I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s a topic worth revisiting: sometimes threats come from people you know, and surprisingly often within your own extended family. A mentally ill man was violently entering the home where his sister and nephew lived, and the residents defended themselves. That’s not an easy thing to do, but sometimes it’s regrettably necessary to protect the lives of innocents. What would you do in such a case?


How seriously does your bank take data security?

You might be surprised to find that many are rather lackadaisical in this respect. Krebs On Security looks at some banks whose data security is quite lax, and what you can do if your bank isn’t up to speed on the topic.


Fighting like a firefighter?

You may have heard the advice to use improvised weapons when you are in an area where you can’t have a firearm, and one of the most commonly mentioned items is the lowly fire extinguisher. But how, exactly, should you use one? Greg Ellifritz takes a good look at the weapon potential of the devices and how to take advantage of them.


Bringing self defense back to basics

I didn’t even know this trend had a name, but according to Phil Elmore at The Martialist it’s called “hobotactical”: using low profile, sometimes even improvised, weapons and simple, easily learned techniques to defend yourself. It’s a reaction to the stylized systems and hyper-expensive tactical gear that is now in vogue, and as Phil points out there’s a lot to recommend it. Definitely an interesting article.


Automating your security lighting

Using a timer to turn lights on and off, giving the appearance of someone at home and active, is an old trick — and not a bad one, even today. The combination of LED lights and modern timers, though, not only makes this easier to pull off convincingly, it offers some possibilities that didn’t exist before — such as turning your outdoor security lighting on automatically at dusk and turning it off at dawn. No more forgetting to turn them on or off, and with very little impact on your electric bill! This article gives a good overview of some of the equipment that makes this possible.

– Grant Cunningham

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