Hump Day Camels

It’s Wednesday again, and here are more great self defense, travel safety, and preparedness articles for you to peruse while you wait for Friday to arrive!


Is there such a thing as “too many flashlights”?

Probably not, as John Farnam explains. I’ll deviate from his recommendations just a bit, though, and suggest that having fewer but higher quality lights is really the way to go. I’ve done the cheapie Coast flashlight thing, and there’s nothing worse than having one fail when you really need to see where you’re going. You don’t have to go overboard and make every light you own an Elzetta (the high-end light of choice), but don’t go bargain-basement either. Buy several decent lights from a company like EagleTac or Fenix, and you’ll be assured that they’ll work when you need them.


“Prepping For Life” reviewed!

Greg Ellifritz recently reviewed my book Prepping For Life and had some good things to say about it. Do you have your copy yet?


Travel safe, travel smart

Travel to foreign lands isn’t as dangerous as some make it out to be, but it isn’t always as idyllic as you might hope. A little extra effort on your part, such as putting the tips in this article to use, will help you make your trip something to remember for all the right reasons.


Real estate agents and guns

There is a trend amongst real estate agents to carry concealed firearms. Given the nature of their job, I don’t blame them; sexual assaults, robberies, and even murders are not unknown in that business. I hope, however, that along with their carry licenses they’re also getting solid defensive shooting training, because a CCW class just isn’t enough to use the gun judiciously or effectively.


Man shows his gun, it gets stolen

This news story out of Colorado teaches a couple of lessons: first, criminals are members of an armed subculture and are unlikely to be frightened at the mere sight of a gun. It’s the resolute attitude of the person holding that gun which they’re afraid of. Second, a gun is not only a tool to a criminal, it’s also a store of value which makes it doubly attractive. Displaying it for people to see doesn’t scare bad guys off, in many cases it actually attracts them. This victim discovered both lessons the hard way.


Another worthy PCC

I’ve made no secret of my support for the pistol caliber carbine, or PCC, as a defense tool for inside the home. They’re incredibly easy to shoot regardless of one’s skill level, and they have the potential for far greater precision than a handgun. Every so often a new and worthy candidate comes to market, and it appears this may be one to watch. It operates on a gas piston system rather than straight blowback, so it should be easier to handle and tolerate a wider range of ammunition choices. The negatives the author mentions? Other than the price, I don’t find any of them compelling. I think this may be a good choice for a lot of people.


Not every emergency is a shooting opportunity

I believe carrying a good flashlight is at least as important as carrying a gun, because it’s usable over a far wider range of dangerous incidents than is the gun. I also believe carrying (and knowing how to use) a medical trauma kit is probably at least as important as carrying a gun, because life-threatening trauma happens every day in your town — it’s plausible, even likely, that at some point you will come face-to-face with it. Sheriff Jim Wilson has some thoughts on the topic, and he says you should have a kit and know how to use it.

– Grant Cunningham

P.S.: Do you have a revolver in your defense firearm collection? Do you really know how to use it effectively and efficiently? Most people don’t, because revolver-specific training is hard to find. You’re in luck, however, because there are still openings for my Threat-Centered Revolver course in Phoenix on March 17th & 18th! This is the class that will teach you how to use that revolver efficiently and effectively to protect yourself and the people around you.  Click here to go to the signup page! 


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