Hump Day Camels

It’s a short List for this week, but good things come in small packages! I’ll start off with an important article about securing your online profile; some tips about hotel security;  the courts have not violated the 4th Amendment rights of concealed carriers; how to institute active shooter drills at your company; and what to look for when you buy locksets and deadbolts.


Ever heard of doxxing?

This is an article aimed at helping police officers deal with online information security, but the information and recommendations are just as valid for the rest of us. Definitely worth reading.


Safety isn’t just for women…

Some interesting thoughts about hotel security, using an infographic format: just hover over the the little bulls-eyes for the text. While aimed at female travelers, many of these are just as applicable for men or couples.


Concealed carry and the 4th Amendment

A good article from Andrew Branca that looks at a recent court decision which had some concealed carriers concerned. Short version: it’s not really an issue, but you should read the article for the details.


Does your workplace have attacker drills?

If not, you should probably have your boss watch this video! Rob Pincus has some thoughts on active shooter drills in the workplace — what to do and how to plan. If you have fire drills, I think it’s reasonable to have attacker drills as well. (If your workplace doesn’t have fire drills, you should remedy that oversight as well!)


How to choose good locks for your doors

Have you ever shopped for door locks — as in locksets and deadbolts? It’s hard to know what’s best and what the ratings are. This superb article explains the ratings, the tests those ratings represent, how to decipher the information on the lockset package, and most importantly what they’re not telling you. Highly recommended reading!

– Grant 

P.S.: Tomorrow, April 5th, I’ll be interviewing a very special guest on my Training Talk show at Personal Defense Network. Be sure to watch this important episode about what happens after a defensive gun use!


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