It’s Wednesday, and this week I have a particularly good selection of articles for your perusal!


On this week’s Training Talk: Active Killers

Tomorrow evening, April 5, be sure to tune into Training Talk on Personal Defense Network. My special guest expert this week is Joshua Gideon, and we’ll be talking about active killers: what can we do to stop them? We’ll be looking at the factors that motivate mass killers, some of the “red flags” that might help us spot them before they act, and what we can do if we’re confronted by one. Don’t miss this episode!


Denial is not a river in Egypt

It doesn’t matter how fast you can draw your gun or how many knives you have secreted on your person, if you don’t recognize an attack is in progress you’ll still be a victim. Denial is a common reaction among victims of violent crime, and this story from Greg Ellifritz looks at a recent case where a woman not only didn’t recognize the clear signs of an impending attack, she went as far as to pretend it wasn’t happening.


Your data is valuable to others

We hear about security breaches and stolen account information frequently, but why do hackers bother? What can they do with that data? Well, they can sell it — and usually do. What are stolen account credentials worth on the open market? The Krebs On Security Blog has the answer, and it may surprise you to discover how organized this illicit market is.


Craig Douglas: “Proportional armament” is a myth

In most self defense courses there is an implicit assumption that you and your attacker are equally armed. Drills are set up based on the gunfight or the knife fight; rarely is it acknowledged that bad guys attack from what they believe to be a position of of advantage and strength. Craig Douglas looks at this myth and, using logic borne of experience, explains what really happens in an attack — and what your best defense really looks like. If you read no other article on today’s list, make it this one.


Preventing mistaken identity shootings by police

Disclaimer: you’ll need to read past the constant references to taking out terrorists in this article; the author is, I think, overly obsessed with the notion. Beyond that, however, some of the points he makes — he was a police officer in Los Angeles for years — are worth considering. If you’ve been involved in a defensive shooting and the police show up, the chances of your being mistaken for the bad guy and possibly being shot go up dramatically. The article has some good ideas on how to prevent that from happening to you, starting with not having a gun in your hands when they enter the scene.


When good holsters go bad

A short but good article on the risks associated with IWB holsters which won’t stay open on their own accord. They’re a safety hazard, particularly in a training environment, and the author explains why.


Myths that will get your patient killed in a trauma case

Many people today are getting trained to deal with severe trauma. Learning how to use tourniquets and hemostatic agents and pressure bandages is getting to be almost normal, at least in the shooting world, but myths remain — particularly with the uneducated, or those who get their information from online forums. This article aims to demolish some of the more common trauma care myths (including the one about using a tampon to plug a bullet wound.)


Stuck in the city during a disaster?

What do you do if you’re a city dweller faced with preparing for a potential disaster? Here are some basic but important tips for preparedness, urban-style.

– Grant

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