Spring has finally sprung in Oregon, and I’m celebrating with a great collection of articles for all aspects of your defense, safety, and preparedness!


This article is dumb. Read it anyway.

Why do I say it’s dumb? Because these are five types of people you should ALWAYS avoid, whether you’re carrying or not! (Remember John Farnam’s famous advice: Don’t go to stupid places, do stupid things, or hang around with stupid people. Follow that advice and you’ll eliminate a huge portion of your risk!)


Speaking of John Farnam…

John has some good information for those obsessed with the notion of the law somehow “protecting” them in a righteous self-defense shooting. As he points out, there is no such thing — you’re on your own, and what you did before and after the incident are important to the outcome. As he says, there are no guarantees. An important article and worth reading.


How to charge your phone when there’s no electricity?

With the prevalence and importance of the cell phone today, keeping one charged and operational is an important consideration. Even if the phone lines are down, the various apps and information we store in these devices may be useful or even critical in an emergency. Here’s a great article on the practicalities of charging your smart phone when the electricity is down — or when you’re someplace where there are no outlets.


What’s a lookout? You’d better know before jumping in.

In criminal activities, the lookout (I’ve also heard them referred to as “tailgunners”) is the crook who doesn’t take part in the crime directly, but stands by as a sort of backup to the main perpetrator. If something happens, such as someone intervening to stop the crime, the lookout’s job is to step in and deal with that person from a position of ambush. Even if you can’t see them, you have to always assume there’s a second person waiting in the shadows. Think about this before you intervene; are you ready to deal with the lookout? Learn more in this article from Greg Ellifritz.


Legal preparedness is important, too

So you’ve bought guns, hardened your house, stored food, and put together bugout bags — but what about your basic legal needs? Things like who gets what in the event of your death, what should happen if you’re rendered comatose, and who speaks for you when you can’t are all important parts of preparedness. This article looks at some of the basics and what you should talk to your lawyer (and perhaps accountant) about — before something happens.


Is that an air freshener, or is someone happy to see you?

You’d be surprised how innocuous-looking some surveillance devices are these days. Cameras and microphones can be hidden in amazingly small places, and even in things you’d never consider. This article just scratches the surface — I’ve seen items even more surprising than these.


Travel scams are out there

This is an interesting article on some travel scams from around the world. Don’t let yourself get complacent just because you’re not going to any of these destinations — these appear, with variations, all over the globe. Now I know you’ll read through these and chuckle at the stupidity of the victims, but remember they no doubt thought themselves to be “too smart to fool”, too. Enjoy yourself, but keep your eyes open, brain engaged, and remember: If something seems too good to be true — it usually is!


For the gearheads in the audience

A review of one of my favorite “duty-size” pistols, the Steyr L9-A1. I like it because it’s the only large-framed pistol I can get my hands around!

– Grant Cunningham

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