I apologize for the tardiness of this post, the fall was very busy, and we have some website maintenance to do. But this is past due and folks should get an update!

2023 is over; it was a busy year! First things first though, an a recap of our excellent annual meeting, which was held in Las Vegas, this past October.

This year saw many firsts. This was the first year the National Meeting was planned from start to finish by our newly appointed, rag-tag group of volunteers called the National Operations Team (“NOT”) headed by Mike Ross from Oregon and including Mark Oknyansky of California in charge of range and instructors, Lonny Weissman of California in charge of hotel and food, Blake Alvarenga of Wisconsin in charge of transportation, Paul Kronk in charge of AV and content creation, and Kyle, everyone’s favorite IT expert and general curmudgeon. These folks donated numerous hours of their time throughout the year to make this National Meeting happen and the LGC thanks them for it.

We also debuted a new instructor training and development curriculum developed by Alessandro Padovani (our Lead Instructor), which he taught in the week leading up to Nationals. Congratulations to the inaugural class and to Clint Sand of Massachusetts who is both the first instructor certified in the new curriculum and also our new Director of Training and Education! Clint has been a steadfast volunteer for a while now and even managed to win approval from our Lead Instructor, which is no mean feat. If you are not an instructor yet, what are you waiting for?

Our Keynote speakers this year were Erin Palette from Pink Pistols, who gave us an excellent history lesson of this wonderful org, and Annette Evans from On Her Own, who gave a rousing talk about inclusion. Sadly, the audio from the talks is barely intelligible, due to a last minute mistake by yours truly. We were able to clean up Erin’s enough to post it, but Annette’s is full of background noise. You will have to take our word it was excellent and she is worth a follow across the social media sphere.

Like previous years, we used Pro Gun Vegas for our range days. They provided us ample shooting bays and even let us use their cowboy town for Reilly Bodycomb’s Intro to Cowboy Action Shooting class. Reilly also  taught his Steel Challenge course. Alessandro Padovani taught his famous Intuitive Defensive Shooting Course and a Carbine Class.

Kevin Dixie of No Other Choice joined us this year to teach his Evolve course, which received excellent reviews from all who attended.

Jim Downey also delighted with his courses on Black Powder firearms. Jim’s class is always a favorite. We are thankful to our excellent instructors and the work they put in to make their classes engaging and rewarding.

The rest of the year was slow and steady. We welcomed many new instructors but we are still short of our goal of at least ONE per state chapter; so, what are you waiting for?

Membership has continued a slow upward trend: ~4% increase from last year, with 32 chapters covering 36 states, and many events across the country being scheduled and attended.

We continued the legal fight, including a continued celebration of the Bruen decision, which led to expanded gun rights across the nation, but we worry about the legal framework it may have established. We also joined in the California suit challenging their bans, which were recently blocked by a federal judge.

Lastly, we attended SHOT in a big way in early 2023, and made a lot of people aware of who were were and what we did! This year we were there but slightly less noisy.

All in all, a good year. Come joins us, find a chapter near you and we will see you on the range!