By all accounts, we started the year strong. Membership was up, we had a new membership card system, we were in good standing with the CMP and USAS, we had a strong blog showing. We had key positions filled, our non-profit status was secured. In 2015 we saw solid growth in our social media following, up by 25% year over year, with our post reach at times exceeding 40,000 people.

As with many volunteer organizations, we had some stutters, most notably the membership cards were being provided at cost by a member who had “life happen” so membership cards got paused (we are shipping the equipment to our main office, where we will issue the cards directly, such is life), our blog slowed way down, also due to life events of our senior editor, and our membership director decided to join the army a little later than most.

We wanted to accomplish several things this year, and we mostly hit them. The blog has since become a more active, if a little more political. Membership is still strong, our non profit status is still rocking, and we are still a club in good standing with the CMP (yay CMP 1911’s eventually!). Our regional chapters now encompass 6 states with 4 chapters as we work to build out our national structure. We had an awesome annual meeting in Vegas this year.

Speaking of Vegas and the annual meeting, while the adage may hold true for some, that meeting is usually where we set ourselves some goals for the coming year.

What did we decide?

1) Engage some legal types in a few key states and advance our education program more officially, with State recognition in those states. Education is after all core to our mission.

2) Update our web presence to be more modern web friendly, our design sensibilities reflect a certain vintage. It should be a site new members want to visit, with fresh useful content, and a more modern look.

3) Continue to publish blog material, also core to our mission, and take a more active political tone and drive debate and exploration.

4) Related to that, work with LGOA and figure out our long term political ambitions, if we have any, above and beyond our core mission.

5) Lastly, try and fill the vacant positions left by folks with life events that prevent them from continuing in their duties.

Its been suggested that the 2016 meeting happen near the CMP range, and it IS the East Coast’s turn to host, so if you have the inclination to help, send me a note!

Its been a good year, I think we can make next year great, with a little help 🙂

Be safe over the remaining holiday season, and see you in 2016!