The LGC has  expanded our postal match  program to include an ongoing series of Bullseye (precision pistol) competitions with divisions for rimfire and centerfire shooters. Each match will be open for six weeks.

The format is a user-friendly variant of the three-target, 30-shot National Match Course.  Our version is far less stringent regarding  time, distance, and grip (we allow a two-handed grip).

To make things even more enjoyable, regular Bullseye entrants will qualify for handicap scores after shooting two matches. Shooters with varying skill levels will  compete on a relatively equal basis.

For anyone who wants to participate in a shooting sport that’s great fun and that’s almost guaranteed to improve skill, patience, and practice habits, Bullseye is the perfect choice.

All the details and rules for the LGC’s  Bullseye “Club” matches are  posted in the newly named “Competition and Markmanship” section of the forum.