Summer is here, and as we start to venture forth in to the world from our various bunkers, I started to wonder about the EDC trauma kit I carry, and how it looked a bit silly with shorts:

If you don’t have an SFD Responder, you need one. Comfortable, durable, and holds a TON of gear in a compact package. Get them from our store below. However, as you can see, its not exactly a discreet look, even if my 9 year old thought I looked “cool.” Your mileage may vary, and your kids may not be as gracious as mine.

SFD Responder Trauma Kit 2.0

This is my set up, if you are curious:

I wanted to replicate it as closely as possible, but be more discreet than open carrying a trauma kit, so, I asked our experts, and got a few recommendations for alternatives. I have had a few days with them, and I wanted to share my thoughts.

Two vendors were immediately recommended. the IWB products from Immediate Casualty Care and the Pocket EDC Trauma kit from Live the Creed.

I was excited by the prospect of the IWB kit, so I ordered that first. I ordered the full IWB Non Metallic pouch. I had plenty of supplies from the existing med kits without scavenging or taking ones apart, so I repurposed the materials from my range bag, which were poorly organized, and used those materials to pack it:

It packed them all in, with room to spare, so I could add scissors or even a second tourniquet.

But it’s HUGE, and I could barely tuck it with the loaded gear IWB, especially if there were other items I was carrying IWB. I would need two pants sizes larger to accommodate and worse, folded, it barely fit into my cargo shorts:

It is well made, and relatively inexpensive, but it quickly became clear it wasn’t going to solve my problem.

So, I waited on my LTC EDC Trauma Kit 

When it arrived, I was absolutely sold. I bought it already filled with supplies, since I dind’t have a second kit to scavenge from, so that increased the priced from $35 to $75, but I needed to have one more complete kit anyway, so, was worth it to one shot it.

It’s compact, light, and folds out neatly. It fits perfectly in the cargo pockets of the shorts I tend to wear, and is small enough to toss in a fanny pack for bike riding. it is TINY. And lightweight.

The supplies that come with it lack scissors, and a wound packing material, but it has gloves, a hemostatic sponge and bit of regular gauze. I usually carry a knife so, scissors may be redundant, I haven’t decided yet. It DID come with a Tourniquet, but it’s on the of the elastic SWAT-T compact tourniquets, which are hard to apply to yourself, and made worse by the fact I have never used one.

So, what will I do? I ordered a standalone pouch for my CAT from Immediate Casualty, the big pouch is really well made, so I expect the TQ only pouch will solve the problem, and will carry that plus the pocket kit. I also have ordered additional SWAT-T kits to practice with, so I will be able to use the damned thing if the need arises.

We don’t currently have any of these items in the store, nor do we have discounts, but I can still recommend them both as vendors. They were responsive, answer questions, and shipped fast.

If you don’t carry a Trauma kit, you should consider it, and check our our Social Distance Learning classes on the subject for a baseline in how to use one. Or find a local Stop the Bleed class put on by your local Red Cross certified instructors!

The life you save may be your own!