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Welcome to the LGC’s Instructor Directory, where you can find out if there is an LGC-certified instructor in your area. Click on your state below to find a local instructor. Then you’ll see a list of instructors active in the state and the region(s) they serve.


Jesse Novotny competes in action pistol/rifle matches 2-3x per week throughout the valley. As a match director at Phoenix Rod and Gun Club, he has access to private outdoor shooting bays, which are perfect for safe and friendly firearms introductions. 

He is a transplant from Southern California and has his father to thank for introducing him to sporting clays competitions and upland bird & duck hunting at a young age.
If you’re looking to learn about different firearms, what to buy/consider for your individual needs, where and how to practice safely, or even chat about firearms policy, Jesse is your guy!

Jesse teaches in the Phoenix area.


Dave brings thirty five years of teaching experience, providing instruction in all types of firearms and skills from pistols for personal defense to long range precision rifle and everything in between. His students range from new shooters to those who use a firearm professionally. Additionally, he provides life-saving medical training and works with his clients to develop life habits that reduce their risk profile and help them deter and deescalate potential threats.

Dave is certified to teach the all LGC courses, as well as the Arizona CCW course, and will serve the Phoenix area.

Scott has spent over 20 years as a safety instructor in the semiconductor industry, and 3 years as a competition shooter of all types of firearms. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with other shooters.

Scott is certified to teach the Intro to Range Safety as well as Firearms familiarization in the Phoenix/East Valley area.



Alessandro is The Liberal Gun Club’s lead instructor, hailing from the Central Coast in California and is a lifelong student of martial arts, and became a Personal Defense Readiness Instructor in 2007. Since then he has expanded his skill set and became a Combat Focused Shooting instructor in 2010 as well. He started his own company, Safer Faster Defense in 2011, focusing not just on shooting skills, an integrated fitness and defensive training company to give his student the tools and mindset they need to prevail in dangerous situations.

He went on to work with industry leaders like Rob Pincus, Omari Broussard, and others to develop real world training courses for students and firearms instructors.

Alessandro is certified to teach all LGC courses in addition to other advanced classes and his custom developed offerings. Classes with him are available in the Central Coast of California and he often travels out of state to teach at various locations.

You can find out more at


Azeem is an Information Security Professional who loves to shoot in his free time. He is highly interested in helping people who are nervous or scared of guns gain their first, safe experience. If you are new to guns, and are looking for a friendly, pressure-free first-time, Azeem is the right person to talk with!

Azeem will serve the San Jose CA and SF Bay Area regions.

Over the past couple decades, Bernie shot firearms sporadically at various ranges around the country and world. He only seriously took the hobby up (by buying his own firearms) in 2017, and began practicing and training more frequently. Now, he wants to help others who are interested in getting into the hobby do it in a safe and comfortable environment. Other than shooting, he enjoys gaming, auto sports, metal smithing, and traveling.

Bernie serves the SF Bay Area, especially in the area around San Francisco.

When Bill was 12, his father introduced him to his first rifle and throughout his younger years, mostly in scouting, he continued to shoot rifles. After a while, he fell out of the hobby but at the end of 2007 he decided to purchase a firearm to go shooting again with his father as a bonding experience. Since that time, Bill has continued to increase his skills by taking various training programs. Now he would like to give back and help newcomers learn how to be safe and proficient with firearms in a welcoming environment.

Bill is certified to teach the Intro to Defensive Shooting course and will serve the South San Francisco Bay Area.

Cole is a Wilderness First Responder, history nerd, and law student in San Francisco. He became an instructor to be better equipped to educate himself and others about firearm safety and effective use. He likes shooting any auto-loader he’s put behind and is working on his trap game.

Cole will be available to students in the Sacramento CA area.

Curtis is a firearms hobbyist who was largely inspired by the advent of 3D printed firearms and parts. As a tech worker and enthusiast, Curtis is driven by a curiosity of how things work and believes in the value of education surrounding firearms. He is also heavily influenced by his interest in various left-wing self-defense groups, socialists, anarchist and abolitionists throughout American history.

Curtis is certified to teach the Intro to Range Safety & Shooting course, and will serve the SF Bay Area region in CA.

Eric is the Director of Membership and Training for the Liberal Gun Club who works closely with the rest of the executive leadership and lead instructors to ensure that we provide topical, modern, and relevant training to our instructors and students. Although he rarely teaches these days and is more focused on growing the LGC, he is one of our north bay instructors in California. He is a small business owner and long time gun owner who is also a (fairly) regular contributor to the LGC blog.

Eric serves the SF North Bay Area.

A new instructor, K is dedicated to making sure that the bay area firearms community is inclusive of women, people of color, queer and trans and nb folx, and disabled people. They are particularly welcoming of people who are new to handling firearms and wish to learn for either sport or self-defense.  We can discuss what firearms and/or what adaptations might work best for your purposes and your body.

She teaches in the SF Bay area and is certified to teach the Introduction to Range Safety and Firearms Familiarization courses

Kelly was introduced to firearms as a young adult and quickly fell in love with shooting.
She became an instructor to help introduce and educate new shooters, especially women, on firearms safety, basic fundamentals and responsible gun ownership.
She believes shooting is a lifelong journey of learning, and continues to seek out education,  training, and activities like competitive pistol shooting to broaden her horizons and continually grow as a shooter. She hopes to not only share her love of shooting, but help destigmatize and demystify guns for those new to firearms by offering professional and approachable instruction in an inclusive, non-intimidating environment.

She teaches in the SF Bay area and is certified to teach the Introduction to Range Safety and Firearms Familiarization courses

Kevin was raised in a progressive San Francisco family and harbored an unvoiced interest in firearms that didn’t break free until the early 1990s, when a distant relative offered him the family’s Winchester 1892 rifle (in 38 WCF). That sweet little rifle has come to share space in the safe with a variety of pistols and revolvers.

Kevin holds pistol and range officer credentials from another firearms organization he left for the LGC. A registered nurse, he holds a California public health nurse certificate and a wilderness first responder credential from the Wilderness Medicine Institute/National Outdoor Leadership School. His other interests include foreign and domestic travel; books and the book arts; flags; and U.S. and modern European history. Kevin has spent significant time abroad, and speaks fluent German.

Kevin has completed certification in the Intro Defensive Shooting instructor course and will be serving the South San Francisco Bay Area, especially Santa Clara county.

Reilly Bodycomb runs Guidance Steel Target Shooting, a company that offers safe, fun, and inclusive small group lessons for brand new shooters in the Bay Area. His students will get to shoot multiple exciting dynamic steel targets with a variety of firearms while learning safe-handling principles and the fundamentals of marksmanship. Besides being a firearms instructor and a competitive pistol shooter, Reilly is also a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt and Russian Combat SAMBO instructor teaching out of Bay Jiu-Jitsu in Berkeley, CA.

Roberta “Robbie” Tarnove has been an instructor since 2017. As Assistant Chief Instructor for Bullets & Bagels gun club in Orange County, CA she has developed and conducted group and private classes in Basic and Intermediate handgun skills. In addition to certifications in Basic Pistol, Inside and Outside the Home Protection, she is also certified in Metallic Reloading instruction and is a Chief Range Safety Officer.


Roberta serves the Los Angeles area

Tom has been a firearms enthusiast since 1951. He was Action Range Chairman at Richmond Rod & Gun Club from 1990-2016, on the BOD of the club for 23 years, President and Vice President, He held Range Officer certifications for most competitive shooting organizations, and is a rifle, pistol, and shotgun instructor. He is certified to teach the Introduction to Range Safety and Shooting and Firearms Familiarization. He serves the San Francisco area.

Matt is originally a military brat, growing up all over the US, but is now based in the South Bay Area with frequent visits to LA/OC. He’s been a firearms enthusiast since childhood, but started getting into competitive firearms sports in 2017. He competes in action pistol/multigun disciplines such as USPSA/IPSC/UML and long range practical disciplines like PRS and CMP highpower. He’s also an experienced reloader and Curio and Relic collector. He looks forward to sharing his enthusiasm for all things firearms with those looking to learn with safety as the primary goal.


Matt is certified to teach the Intro to Range Safety and Shooting course and will serve both the South SF Bay Area and Los Angeles/Orange County regions.

Mark is a Bay area native and has been shooting for the last 20 years. He grew up with rifles and shotguns and more recently has focused on handgun competitions with USPSA, Steel Challenge, and IDPA. His home range is Richmond Rod & Gun Club and has shot at many of the other ranges in the area.

Mark is able to teach the Introduction to Range Safety & Shooting, and Firearms Familiarization courses in the San Francisco Bay area.  

Raised in downtown Los Angeles near Santee Alley, “growing up around guns” held a vastly different meaning for TJ. Despite the rough upbringing, TJ vowed to break the cycle of poverty in her family and saw education as the golden ticket. Thanks to an Army scholarship, her first formal exposure to firearms was in ROTC. TJ rediscovered her love of firearms and competitive shooting through the LGC. She believes passionately that firearms safety and the 2A culture should be open to all races, genders, and backgrounds.  When she’s not competing at the range, she’s at home in SF Hunter’s point, aggravating her Corgi by taunting him with that infuriatingly elusive red dot!

TJ will teach the Introduction to Range Safety & Shooting, and Firearms Familiarization course in the San Francisco Bay area.


Ben is a lifelong learner who got into hunting and then the shooting sports as an adult. Serving people with intellectual disabilities all his life taught me humility and self-awareness, and gave him passion for supporting marginalized communities. As an instructor with the LGC he makes the shooting sports a welcoming, fun and safe skill for all people.

Ben is certified to teach the Intro to Range Safety & Shooting course, and serves Lyons and the surrounding areas 


Vinc is a native Coloradan with family throughout the state. He pursues civil and volunteer activities. He shoots pistol and rifle regularly for practice and relaxation.

Vinc is certified to teach the Intro to Range Safety & Shooting course and will serve the Boulder/Longmont/Denver, CO areas.


Jae has been an avid shooter for over a decade and one of his biggest passions is bringing firearms education left of center.  He believes that safe and enjoyable shooting should be afforded to all people, and creating spaces where anyone can learn to shoot regardless of political ideology is vital to that.  He aims to create a friendly inclusive, and informative environment for his students.


Katie Mattison founded KTM Training to support individuals and groups wishing to develop proficiencies in their own self-protection and safe firearm handling. In addition to private training ventures, Katie is part of the leadership team for the St. Petersburg, FL Chapter of The Well Armed Woman; she has been a member of TWAW since 2014. Katie volunteers as a Range Officer at the Wyoming Antelope Club in Clearwater, FL.

In addition to the LGC, Katie is a USCCA certified instructor and affiliate, Gun Toten’ Mamas affiliate, NRA and USCCA certified Range Safety Officer, and First Aid Certified.

Katie is certified to teach the Introduction to Range Safety & Shooting. She will be serving St. Petersburg and the surrounding areas.

Mike works for a nationwide company that facilitates parking lot solutions for commercial properties, but he goes to the range when he can. Safety has been, and always will be, important to Mike and he looks forward to helping others be more safety conscious as well, while still enjoying everything life has to offer.

Mike is certified to teach the Intro to Range Safety & Shooting course, and he will serve the Florida counties of Volusia, Flagler, & St. John’s, as well as surrounding counties.


Kat shot her first pistol on December 2nd, 2015 and hasn’t looked back. She quickly sought further instruction, bought her first carry gun and received her concealed carry license within 6 months. She has continued defensive pistol training since, and dabbles in outlaw competitions while teaching friends and coworkers who have never been around guns and are starting to ask about learning.

In addition to serving as the President of the Illinois chapter of the LGC, Kat will serve the Chicagoland area as an instructor in our Intro to Range Safety & Shooting course.


Nathan is a licensed Firearms instructor for the state of Maryland. He can certify you for your Maryland HQL and your CCW, as long as you qualify. Nathan is active law enforcement for a major Metropolitan city as well as a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. He is also a certified academic and firearms instructor for law enforcement.


Doug is long-time firearms enthusiast and 2A advocate who enjoys geeking out over firearms hardware and training first-time shooter. He’s fluent in the complex and convoluted firearms laws of Massachusetts and is a Mass State Police-licensed instructor. He’s especially passionate about ensuring historically marginalized groups have the right and ability to protect and defend themselves.

Doug is certified to teach the Intro to Range Safety & Shooting and Firearms Familiarization courses. He serves the Boston, MA region.

Bob started shooting at a Boys Club summer camp at 6. He’s fluent in the firearms laws of Massachusetts and is a Mass State Police licensed Basic Firearms Safety instructor. Bob came to the Liberal Gun Club instruction after becoming a combat pistol instructor with another MSP certified BFS course.

Bob is certified to teach the Intro to Range Safety & Shooting and Firearms Familiarization courses. He serves the Boston & Metro West region.

Claire has 15+ years of experience with firearms, since she enlisted in the French Armed Forces. Now that she lives in Boston she shares her passion to foster a better understanding and appreciation for firearms through education and practice.

Claire is certified to teach the Intro to Range Safety & Shooting, Firearms Familiarization, and LTC-019 courses in the Boston area.

Frank is a software engineer, amateur chef, and lover of nature. He was handed his first rifle by a dear friend and his interest in firearms grew from there. Now he seeks to make good use of the opportunities to learn that he’s been so fortunate to have by sharing his knowledge with others. Doing his best to help promote the responsible use and ownership of firearms is what drives him to continue to learn.

Frank is certified to teach the Intro to Range Safety & Shooting in the Boston Metro area


Frank L is  a Western MA native, lifelong recreational shooter, and newcomer to competitive pistol shooting. Helping others find enjoyment and self-confidence through safe gun handling brings him joy, and he aims to make firearms ownership and competency more accessible across our community. 

Frank is certified to teach the Intro to Range Safety & Shooting, Firearms Familiarization, and LTC-019 in the Greenfield, MA area.


Geoff is a designer, maker and enthusiast of all things mechanical.  His introduction to firearms began with curiosity in the field and a belief in universal access.  Now he seeks to share his experiences with friends new and old, and help promote the safe handling and ownership that comes with proper training. He serves the Western Massachusetts area.

Jonathan has had a lifelong interest in firearms, but only began shooting as an adult, and as a result understands what it’s like move into firearms ownership without growing up around them. He enjoys various shooting sports, as well as the meditative aspects of target shooting. He understands the need and right to armed self-defense, but takes the responsibility and weight of the topic extremely seriously. Jon has a MA License to Carry Firearms, and Basic Hunter Safety Education certification.

He believes firearms rights are for all people, and teaches people from diverse backgrounds, works with a safety-first mindset, has empathy for first-time students to whom firearms are totally foreign and often scary, and builds students’ comfort and confidence with firearms through methodical, patient teaching

Rick Larsen enjoyed target sports growing up in the Midwest. Re-kindling his interest as an adult, he embraces gallery style “Bullseye” pistol matches and “Action” Shooting competitions. Rick believes safety, marksmanship and understanding Massachusetts law are all important. To be a responsible gun owner, practice them all – safety first! Rick is an International Defensive Pistol Association Safety Officer and a Commonwealth of MA certified firearms safety instructor.

Rick is certified to teach the Intro to Range Safety and Shooting course and will serve the MA South Shore in and around Boston.

Gary is a US Navy veteran and retired Law Enforcement Officer. His rating in the Navy was Gunners Mate Guns and was assigned ships’ Armorer. He assisted with the training of all shipboard personnel in Firearm Safety and Qualifications. As a Boston Police Officer his last assignment was with the Firearm Analysis Unit where he became a trained Forensic Firearm Examiner.  He conducted Microscopic Comparisons of Ballistic Evidence and Firearm Operability Testing.

Gary is certified to teach the Intro to Range Safety and Shooting, Firearms Familiarization, and MA LTC-019 for the state of Massachusetts courses and will serve the greater Boston metro area.


Harry began teaching safety, firearm nomenclature, and basic small-bore technique (prone, sitting, kneeling, offhand) when he was president of his NRA-sponsored high-school rifle club in 1958. He was a University of Colorado police officer while in graduate school and did a little bit of informal coaching of fellow officers. More recently, he has introduced some first-time shooters to handguns and made himself available to his condominium association to do presentations on safe firearm handling and safe firearm storage.

Harry serves the Ann Arbor, Michigan area.

Kyle began firearm instruction with the NRA in 2009, continued with 4H youth instruction, and became an LGC instructor shortly after. Kyle helps moderate the LGC Forum and the LGC Discord server when he’s not busy doing IT work to pay the bills. 

Kyle is certified to teach Introduction  to Range Safety and Firearms Familiarization, currently lives in the Upper Peninsula and, serves parts of both the UP and northeastern Wisconsin

Nate is a Michigan native in addition to being a Kalamazoo Central, KVCC and WMU graduate. In addition to his weekday work in IT, firearms training and practice have become a regular part of his weekend schedule. He is a member of both the Kalamazoo Rod & Gun Club and Southern Michigan Gun Club and a volunteer Range Safety Officer.


Over the years Dave taught his kids as well as numerous friends and relatives about firearms and basic marksmanship tuning the fundamentals he learned taking ROTC classes in college. Since moving to Minnesota 6 years ago and joining 2 local gun clubs, he decided to really concentrate on refining his shooting skills through advanced training and marksmanship. After teaching swimming, martial arts and motorcycling, he decided to share his enthusiasm for shooting with others by becoming an instructor. 

Dave is certified to teach the Intro to Range Safety course and he teaches in the Twin cities metro area.

Mica has had a lifelong interest in fields related to firearms which later turned into firearm ownership and passion. She believes everyone has the right to self-defense and that the ethical use of firearms is one of many vital components of personal and community safety. Her goal is to help bring knowledge of the use, safety, and limitations of firearms to underserved and vulnerable communities so that they can best determine how to keep themselves and those they care about safe.

She is available for the Intro to Range Safety and Shooting, and Firearms Familiarization south of the Twin Cities. 


Marshall has always enjoyed teaching, so when he first started learning about firearms some years ago he knew he would end up helping others learn too. He enjoys shooting everything from cowboy-era relics to modern models, and absorbs all he can about everything from ballistics to self-defense law. Marshall’s day job is building software, but when not writing code, he spends as much time as possible outdoors.

Marshall is certified to teach the Intro to Range Safety and Shooting and the Intro to Defensive Shooting courses. He serves the regions of Missoula, Montana.


Asher Langton is a computer security researcher, a competitive pistol shooter, and a certified USPSA Range Officer. I’m passionate about gun safety, and look forward to introducing a diverse audience to the fun and excitement of the shooting sports.

Asher is certified to teach the Intro to Range Safety & Shooting course, and he serves the Omaha, NE area.


Kevin has lived in Southern Nevada for over 30 years and has had a love of shooting since childhood. Over the last 16 years, Kevin
has developed that love for shooting through professional training. He has a desire to teach others to handle firearms safely and to learn basic marksmanship skills, so they too may develop a passion for safe and responsible shooting.

Kevin is certified to teach the Intro to Range Safety and Shooting course and will serve the Las Vegas, NV region.

Alex works at a nonprofit, advocating for human rights and civil liberties. He graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Business Administration. He is bilingual in English and Mandarin. In his free time, Alex enjoys snowboarding, reading, and taking new shooters to the range.

He will teach the Introduction to Range Safety and Shooting in the Reno area.

New Jersey/New York

Ben is originally from Uganda, moved to New York with his parents 40 years ago while in his mid-teens as a diplomatic brat. Ben was first introduced to firearms with a G3-Rifle in 1979 towards the tail end of the war that removed Idi Amin. The G3 is not a recommended rifle for beginners.

He received pistol training at Sig Sauer Academy in Epping, New Hampshire and at Orange County Sheriff’s Office in Goshen, NY where he completed the full curriculum of the “Civilian Tactical Handgun Training” which concluded with shooting the New York State Law Enforcement Course of Fire with a 96% proficiency.  He is a member of the Liberal Gun Club (LGC), the National African American Gun Association (NAAGA), and Hudson Valley Nubian Gun Club (HVNGC). His goal is to contribute to the 2A community by  demystifying the prevailing firearms narrative as it relates to historically under served and marginalized African-American, other communities of color and women

Ben is in Ellenville, NY, and can serve SE New York, and NW Pennsylvania. He is certified to teach the Introduction to Range Safety and Firearms Familiarization classes.



Jeff first shot in 1971 while living in Israel. He is a proud five time IDF Combat Base Volunteer where he served on the Lebanon border. His interest in firearms stems from his time served in Israel and he is focused on providing self-defense skills to his community.



North Carolina

Justin Faircloth is a Charlotte, NC native and independent political progressive, as well as an active musician and business owner.  He is a member of several Charlotte area ranges and is proficient in pistol, rifle and shotgun on multiple platforms and calibers. His training background is in modern defensive firearms and tactics.

Justin is certified to teach all LGC classes and serves as lead instructor for the NC/SC region.  He welcomes new shooters of all ages and backgrounds and only requires a positive attitude and willingness to listen and learn.

He is certified to teach all courses offered by the Liberal Gun Club, including the certification of new instructors and is based out of the Charlotte, NC area.


Mitchell is a non-binary self defense instructor focused on scaled violence interventions from verbal de-escalation to armed defense. Mitchell is the founder and lead instructor for Armed Margins. 


They are based out of the Piedmont region of North Carolina and are certified to teach Introduction to Range Safety as well as Firearms Familiarization


Phil got his start shooting in the scouts, but didn’t really get into the sport until recently when he started shooting 3 gun. He is interested in being an instructor because creating a more open and welcoming firearm community is the best way he can see to maintain 2A rights. Self defense should be accessible and welcoming to all members of our communities.

Phil serves the Columbus, OH region.


Dana, OK

Dana became a gun owner in the last year after long, careful consideration and research. She has completed trainings such as the Oklahoma SDA Concealed Carry course, and the Glock Owner’s course. Dana has over 15 years work experience using Behavior Based Safety. She takes pride and enjoyment in honing the skills of safe and accurate ambidextrous shooting of various firearms, as well as proper firearm maintenance.

Dana is certified to teach the Intro to Range Safety & Shooting course and serves the Oklahoma region.


 Michael has been an LGC member since 2013 and is a founding member of the Oregon LGC Chapter.  His focus is on handguns, but he also enjoys working on rifle marksmanship and sporting clays, and has recently taken up reloading.  Michael loves introducing new shooters to the world of firearms in a supportive, non-threatening way, and also enjoys helping more seasoned shooters advance their skills.  Introducing himself to firearms later in life, he is sensitive to those who are just starting out, or curious about learning how to shoot but have been reticent or unsure how to begin.

Mike is certified to teach the Intro to Range Safety and Shooting as well as the Firearms Familiarization course and will serve the area near Portland, OR.

A cloud whisperer by day, HK wrangles code and makes websites fly, which is a fanciful way of saying “IT nerd.” He has completed over 60 hours of instructor-led firearms training, through which he’s developed a passion for safe and responsible gun ownership. Navigating and reconciling “guns in American culture” and “American gun culture” is a fascinating journey, and HK is keen to share what he’s learned so far and to learn from those embarking on that long, strange trip.

HK’s based in Portland, Oregon and can be found practicing regularly at the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Department Public Safety Training Center (which is his preferred training facility).


Sergio was introduced to semi-auto firearms in his early teens including small game hunting with 22LR rifles while on summer breaks in rural Mexico. He has been an active IDPA, USPSA and 3-Gun competition shooter since 2015. He hopes to introduce as many people as he can to the safe handling and operation of firearms.

Sergio is certified to teach the Intro to Range Safety and Shooting course and will serve the area near Godley, TX.

Roy DiLeo has been shooting for over 30 years and is well versed in firearms safety.  He has trained many individuals in the correct use of firearms and is very enthusiastic about teaching.

Roy is certified to teach the Intro to Range Safety and Shooting course and will serve the San Antonio, TX area.


Maicie is a DC transplant, originally hailing from the rural Midwest. She was introduced to firearms over thirty years ago by her father who was an avid hunter. She is passionate about teaching gun safety and shooting to people with little or no experience handling firearms.

 Maicie is certified to teach the Intro to Range Safety and Shooting course as well as Firearms Familiarization and will serve the areas of Washington, D.C. and Virginia

David started shooting when he was 10, being taught by his father. His interest continued through Scouting and a stint in the US Navy. He has had his concealed carry permit since 1996, when they first became available in his state.

Since Nov. 2016, he has been shooting a great deal, taking classes and lessons, and looks forward to helping people from all backgrounds learn more about safe firearms usage.

David will teach the Intro to Range Safety and Shooting, and Firearms Familiarization, in the Richmond area.


Michael Tinker Pearce is a US Army veteran and a former police officer. He currently writes the firearms blog ‘Tinker Talks Guns’, makes knives and swords and is an author of fantasy and science fiction.

Michael is certified to teach the Intro to Range Safety and Shooting course and will serve the Seattle, WA area.

Washington, D.C.

Brian is a veteran with 12 years active duty in the Air Force, and 13 years (and counting) in the Air Force Reserves. He currently works/lives in the Washington D.C. area and is a member of the LGC MD/VA/DC. Brian’s primary interest area is defensive/combat shooting.

Brian is certified in the Intro to Range Safety & Shooting course and will serve the Washington, DC area.

Maicie is a DC transplant, originally hailing from the rural Midwest. She was introduced to firearms over thirty years ago by her father who was an avid hunter. She is passionate about teaching gun safety and shooting to people with little or no experience handling firearms.

 Maicie is certified to teach the Intro to Range Safety and Shooting course as well as Firearms Familiarization and will serve the areas of Washington, D.C. and Virginia

Currently the LGC has instructors in these states















New Jersey

New York

North Carolina








Washington, DC


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