Church and synagogue security

After the attack on First Baptist Church in Sunderland Springs last week, many houses of worship — and their congregants — are taking a hard look at their security procedures and plans.

This week on PDN Training Talk, I’ll be having an in-depth discussion about security for our religious institutions. My guests, both of whom have experience in consulting and training for worship security, will be Joshua Gideon and Aaron Israel.

Whether you’re a leader in your congregation or just concerned about your own personal security while in worship, this will be an important and informative episode.

I hope you can join us this Thursday, November 16th, at 6:pm Pacific/9:pm Eastern.

– Grant 

P.S.: This would be a good link to share with your congregational leadership — they need to know this information too!



Opening photo by Pexels – (CC0 public domain)


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