My good friend Cheryl Todd and I could not be more different in our political views. She’s a confirmed Republican and single-issue Second Amendment voter. I’m, well, not. But Cheryl and I had the great fortune to meet as part of the DC Project this past summer.  And she and I found that we had more in common than we ever thought possible. Cheryl also happens to own and host Gun Freedom Radio, an internet radio program that speaks on gun rights and issues of interest to those involved in the firearms industry.  While I have done several interviews with them, Cheryl invited me on to speak about Prop 63 here in California and why we, as liberals, irrespective of whether we own guns or not, should oppose it.  Cheryl does an excellent job of finding common ground between gun owners of all types and political opinions. Speaking with her reminds me that we can speak rationally on issues, even when we come at them from different political viewpoints. Here is the link to the show – I start at 31:00:

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