Over the weekend there was a dustup between InRange TV, run by Karl, and a site we won’t name, as giving that toxic crap any more air is something we’ll not do.

The long and the short of it- InRange, Karl  and Russel are 100% on the right side of history. They have been getting beat up (Internet troll-wise) and even, seemingly, losing a deal with Brownells because he dares to say that 2A is for everyone.

Ironic, given the industry’s apparently welcoming of our Unicorn at the SHOT show last month.

One of the reasons that many of you sought us out as a club is because of how we’ve been received by other folks in the shooting communities out there. Now one of those communities is doing its damnedest to silence an ally, and we need to make our voices heard as well- support InRange on YouTube or Facebook– either through kind words on their various socials and helping them to manage the onslaught of trolls, or if you can, via Patreon.

Every Civil Right. Every Single Person.