By sikacz


The Texas Report: Mythical creatures and Texas liberals with guns – sometimes they do exist!

Texas and Liberals are not two words that many people put together in the same sentence, let alone add the word guns to the mix. But Texas is big, and the unexpected has a way of popping up.

Recently The Liberal Gun Club had its annual meeting in Austin, Texas. It was an opportunity to meet and talk with fellow liberal gun owners from across the US about guns and our club. One of the topics discussed at the meeting was developing and organizing The Liberal Gun Club at the state level.  The Northern California Chapter (now the California Chapter) gave a report on its formation and on how it can support new chapters in their formation.

Impressed by the report of the California Chapter, some of us Texans had a chance to talk face to face and, as happens at these type of events, an idea started to develop. California had needs we didn’t, but at the same time the issues of all gun owners require solidarity. Following a day at the
range several issues tormented us:  How do we support The Liberal Gun Club at large?  What excuse can we make to get together again (because shooting stuff is fun!)?

After a few drinks and just generally enjoying the company, the obvious solution presented itself: Let’s form a chapter!

In discussing our goals, the group agreed on the following; education, promoting safe gun practices and outreach. In support of these goals, range trips will be organized and we welcome newcomers to join us. Anyone unfamiliar with firearms will find willing teachers among us and good company! Interests of our members are as diverse as the people in our group and the guns that interest them range from revolvers to semi-automatic pistols, and bolt action to the latest semi-automatic rifles.

We thank the California Chapter for their assistance and The Liberal Gun Club for accepting our chapter application. While the mythical unicorn may remain elusive, Texas liberals with guns do exist!  The Texas Chapter of The Liberal Gun Club welcomes you to join us!


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