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Since previous LGC meetings took months of emails back and forth on the forum, and I am now in the position to announce meetings and such; I thought i would try something different. A meet-up in a distant location with only 2 weeks notice. As far as I am concerned, it was a great success!

CD fingers introduced me to a very fine range facility in Oroville wildlife area in Oroville, Ca. I like the vibe of an unsupervised range, there are also shooting points to place targets out to 500 Meters, not very common at public ranges. It was a clear, not too windy, and temperate winter day.

We will be back! Hopefully in greater numbers, and with enticements that cdfingers hopes to arrange. For me, it was enough that I could get in a hunt in the morning and afternoon with range time in between; a great day in my book!

The quail hunting was better than I expected. but no wild morsels for the table. A dog more focused on finding small bodies of water with sticks to throw into them and my own tendency to be slow on the draw, or quick on the draw but missing the safety button contributed.. we did flush 2 coveys of beautiful wild quail. a treat to seem them fly. also lots of wild turkeys and a couple 6 point bucks.. The low, warm, winter afternoon light on the bare oaks surrounded us with sinuous, poetic tracery of chiarosuro line. I saw one other hunter the whole day. or almost saw, dang camo fashionistos…

I would really like to do some very long distance shooting. I have a pair of radios we could use to be in communication. One of us would drive down there and set targets and inform the other when all is clear by radio. We could get some of those huge 1000 yard iron sight targets. I would even load some 69 grain Matchkings and give it a go with the Mini-14.. just like Camp Perry!  Although given the mini’s reputation for um, accuracy? that could be wishful thinking.

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