So the NRA finally broke their silence on the Castile verdict and just released a new recruiting video. They have to protect the rights of god fearing, freedom-loving American gun owners. (protip: That was sarcasm)

Unless you are a liberal (this sadly, is not sarcasm).

Apparently now that Obama or Hillary can’t use the United Nations blue helmet thugs to come take our guns in our sleep and send us to FEMA concentration camps (FEMA budget cuts, you know), a new approach is needed to whip up those membership numbers. Hey, that NRA salary and retirement package for Wayne isn’t going to pay for itself, amiright? (This is sarcasm, for those not following along)

But the shooting of a legally armed man in Minnesota, though – that doesn’t sell fear. He was black, and “THOSE” people are scary by themselves, and its really scary when people actually use their First Amendment rights to (*gasp*) protest as a result of his death. Apparently, the vast liberal conspiracy has finally reached a crescendo. We’ve gone from ineffectual peaceniks who don’t believe in violence, to full revolutionaries who dare to oppose the President and the righteous right and their agenda of prosperity and freedom! (more sarcasm, FYI)

You can google the video, sending them traffic that might get them even one more member is not on my list of stupid things to do today (decidedly not sarcasm).

Let’s break it down:

  • We’re mean to “our” President!
  • Hitler
  • Assassinations
  • Protesters are violent
  • Protesters are irrational
  • The Police are forced to act (see, Castile had it coming, they had to act)
  • That well washed enemy of the state, the MEDIA blaring out FAKE NEWS (read, anything remotely not supportive of the Right)
  • Soros!
  • Hollywood
  • Obama is making it all happen (gotta stick with the message that works!)

I’d like to say I am stunned that they would use fear to drive membership numbers as it reeks of desperation. But, revenues must be down again, and they are in it for the money after all. Unfortunately this again proves that the NRA isn’t about gun owners. It’s about culture wars and cash. And nothing whips up cash like fanning the culture wars, amiright?

In the meantime, the Liberal Gun Club believes that every American is entitled to every single one of their civil rights, and we will continue to support those rights for all Americans, a goal the NRA no longer even pretends to have.