We’ve written plenty in the past about enforcing existing regulations rather than just throwing new regulations at the wall, and this particular bill, AB3199 in California is one of the key reasons why.

The author of this bill drafted it to prevent non-profits (like this very club) from doing raffles for their supporters to have a firearm as a prize. It’s really important to understand the facts around this type of raffle. First, every single legal raffle that has happened in the past doesn’t just have someone winning the raffle and then having a firearm handed to them. Instead, once the winner is announced, like EVERY other firearm transfer in the state of California, the final transaction goes to a federal firearms dealer for processing. The winner then goes through a background check and a 10 day waiting period, just like any other firearm sale.

Clubs like ours, as well as wildlife conservation and hunting non-profits hold these raffles (no more than three times per year per club) in order to do fundraising with items that will garner interest and help us further our various missions. There is simply no evidence that these firearms are used in crimes or contribute in any way to our violent crime rate. It’s simply that the sponsor of this bill doesn’t like guns or any of the organizations that are associated with them in any way.

As the Membership Director here at The Liberal Gun Club, I am all too aware of the implications on our club of this type of bill. This would preclude the California Chapter from participating in the national club’s giveaways or from having our own to fundraise for a specific event or to fund our legal work.  

The Liberal Gun Club urges all of our members and followers in California to reach out to your representatives and to ask them to vote no on AB3199.