In keeping up with the string of new chapters, Michigan formalized their structure and are now officially a chapter, having voted on and ratified their bylaws on Saturday, August 29th! If you are in Michigan and would like to sign up for the chapter, you can join the club at:

When you sign up, you’ll automatically be added to the email announcement list for local events and news. If you want to chat with other LGC members in your area, after you’ve signed up you can join the conversation on the chapter page here, the national LGC Members Lounge, as well as our online forums and on Discord.

The new chapter president is Kyle Kujala-Korpela , who has been a long time member of the LGC since 2012, and is supported by VP Nate Welling and Secretary-Treasurer Mike Litteral.

A very warm welcome to our newest chapter and chapter leadership team, we are looking forward to seeing you forward the mission of our club locally!

Eric Meyers

Training and Membership Director

The Liberal Gun Club