For 14 years , the Liberal Gun Club has offered a voice for left-of-center gun owners free from the vitriol too often found in other pro-Second Amendment groups. Over 30 state chapters  have formed under the national umbrella during this time, and we’re proud to announce that Georgia has followed suit. 

As of March 2021, members of the Liberal Gun Club in Georgia have earned their official chapter designation. This means range days, firearms training and other sanctioned events are on the horizon. In fact, the first official gathering of our chapter is set to take place in early April 2021. Members from around the state will gather for introductions and to send some lead downrange. 

Now that an official chapter is off the ground and interim leadership is in place, we’re hoping to get every member as involved as possible. This means no more sporadic emails just to keep everyone in the national loop. We’ve got our own Discord channel and Facebook group where members can get to know each other, share content and discuss important topics. 

If you’ve not yet joined us on our social platforms, you can find our Discord server here (the #georgia channel is under State Chapters) and our state’s Facebook group here. Please note that you’ll need your member number to access both of these platforms. You can also join in the conversations on our forums, which have both member and non-member sections. Once there, feel free to introduce yourself and join in on the conversation!

Range days, tactical training, intergroup gatherings and many other events are just around the corner. Let’s get the Liberal Gun Club of Georgia started off right and make it one of the best chapters in the nation!