For immediate release:

The Liberal Gun Club endorses Dr. Maren Bell Jones for the Missouri House of Representatives.

As part of our ongoing mission to promote our views on gun regulation/root cause mitigation, we consider endorsing candidates based on their public information and responses to our candidate survey, and as of this morning, based on that information, we are endorsing Dr. Maren Bell Jones for Missouri House Representative District 44. Dr. Jones supports our views on regulation which can be found here, and based on that and the responses to our survey below, we find Dr. Jones to be a candidate that our club can endorse for office.

How would you address root causes and how would you articulate that position to your community and constituents?


Jones- “I strongly believe in universal single payer health care. So if conservatives wish to blame gun violence on mental illness, I would ask them if they mean if they now agree with universal health care, including mental health care”
What is your stance on LGBT rights?


Jones- “As what should be a protected group that is often targeted for harassment and violence, members of the LGBT community should prepare for self defense if they so choose.”


So with these responses and the other information available on her website, The Liberal Gun Club endorses Dr. Jones for office.
This is for the general election on November 6th, make sure to turn out and know where your polling place is!