Recently, we were asked some questions for a follow up to an industry article. We’ll post that when its available, but I thought the questions were good, and the answers might be useful in describing us to your friends and family.

What’s the most important thing long time gun owners need to know about your org?

We actually believe the Second Amendment is important, real, and more than just about hobbies, hunting or sports. It is also nonpartisan.  The right to keep arms for defense is as important as the rest of the constitutionally guaranteed rights. Also, we have heard all the “you must be confused” jeers before, they are not clever, new, or accurate.

What’s the most important thing new gun owners need to know about your org?

Our core mission is to help educate folks and give those who might be hesitant to seek instruction due to their politics or other discomfort with organizations like the NRA, a place to get answers to questions about firearms. We try to provide answers to questions ranging from basic mechanical operation and safety instruction to more advanced and esoteric aspects of the martial art, the hobby, and the sport (reloading, gunsmithing, defensive instruction and yes, even hunting).

What are some problems that your members might have supporting one of the bigger, more typical, gun rights organizations?

Organizations like the NRA have long eschewed their original mission. Had they stayed out of the culture wars; we probably would not exist. They, and some others, have decided to marry gun rights with all manner of other unrelated policy and cultural objectives. The notion that if you are a 2a advocate you must also be for this unrelated laundry list of “Moral Majority” talking points is anathema to our members, which is why they usually come to us. That said, we have supported the FPC, the NSSF, and some others. They do good work.

What can Gun Owners do to make it possible for Gun Control to be removed from the agenda of the Democratic Party?

We actively try to make sure that they know there are more than one or two left of center voters with guns. Legislators need to know that if they really want to do something to “solve gun violence,” they have to do more than sound bite legislation. Gun owners need to show up and speak with their legislators at both the state and federal level, and have dispassionate discussions and debates around what actually works, instead of just rallying on the state house steps with their guns on display. If you want to solve any problem, you have to address the root causes. Some of the lawmakers are starting to understand that, gun owners just have to be louder than Brady, and not be the stereotype of the angry and often armed 2a ” helper,” which is hard.