This is my first post to the blog so bear with me…

The LGC has run informal bullseye handgun postal matches for several years.The matches were introduced by LGC Forum member Paco, who maintained them until taking an extended leave about a year ago.  Forum member Bucolic has been administering them in Paco’s absence.

The matches are not official bullseye matches; they differ in several ways:  our variant is less strict regarding time, we allow two-handed grip, and classes are shot from a distance of 15 yards. There are separate classes for rimfire pistols with iron sights, rimfire with glass sights, centerfire with iron, and centerfire with glass. I can report with some certainty that many of the participants have found that preparing for and shooting these matches have helped with their handgun accuracy.  Feedback is overwhelmingly positive regardless of current ability.  No prizes are awarded; just bragging rights.

The current match will close on Monday, November 5th. I realize the remaining time is short but the match has been running for a while.  We typically run each match for two or three months, depending on season.  Winners are reported shortly after the match closes.  There is still time to shoot the current match so get out and shoot!  It really is fun.

Instructions on the rules, targets, and submitting scores can be found here:

The LGC Bullseye Club Rules – revised