That we’re aware of anyway. For those of you who aren’t following this, there was an injunction put in place regarding a new law in California over magazine possession. We wrote about that and the later “36 hours of parole” or “Freedom Couple of Days” here:

A Wild 36 Hours in California

For the Freedom Week ruling, Judge Benito was very specific when he issued his ruling on the states request- the law winding it’s way through the courts is under injunction, and folks that possess magazines that the state considers to be high capacity are allowed to continue to possess them, and cannot be prosecuted under the law. Apparently the police and local court in Tulare County don’t  care about all that, as they went ahead and charged Pheng Yang anyway. With a felony. For possessing something that is legal to own due to the court ruling.

Phen Yang Case

This is chilling. It’s marginally understandable that a local officer wasn’t informed. But that then the prosecutor and the judge both decided to ignore the ruling as well? Yikes. But then they also expect, at the same time, that we, the citizens of California, have to understand and abide by every single nuance of the laws, while they don’t. That is simply unacceptable.

Free Phen Yang. Drop all the charges. He has done nothing wrong.