We’ve seen efforts at getting folks to be responsible with their guns done in a variety of ways- a number of them being highly problematic and doing nothing to actually get the message out that locking your stuff up is a good idea, but rather criminalizing folks with no public outreach.

This week, Texas has the opportunity to get something right on this front if Abbot will sign it. Rather than creating a new set of penalties for folks who fail to lock stuff up appropriately for their situation, this bill is all about outreach to gun owners. A media campaign specifically to encourage folks to be responsible.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, and we’d posit that other states would do well to follow the lead of Texas in this effort. It will do more to actually get folks to lock up their guns than passing a criminalization law with no money earmarked towards education every single day of the week.

Texas lawmakers approve safe gun storage despite NRA

In one public hearing, an NRA lobbyist warned lawmakers that a campaign designed by the Texas state police could easily be corrupted by anti-gun rhetoric.

We’re not sure why the NRA would be opposed to a public safety campaign, as Texas is as likely to pass actual anti-gun bills or come out as anti-gun as much as California is to pass anti-abortion legislation.

So like safe sex campaigns, there is zero reason we can see to not be on board with this effort.

The Liberal Gun Club heartily endorses this effort