For Immediate Release


HOUSTON, TX – Today the Liberal Gun Club announced the formation of its Texas chapter. The goals of the Texas chapter are firearms education, outreach, and promotion of safe gun practices. The Texas chapter invites participation from firearm owners from all walks of life, regardless of political affiliation.

At the Liberal Gun Club’s recent annual meeting in Austin, Texas members met separately to discuss how to promote the shooting sports and firearms safety. The new Texas chapter will feature range days and education. Juha Nolo, chapter coordinator, said, “We welcome all comers, from people new to firearms to experienced shooters. Anyone unfamiliar with firearms will find willing teachers and good company. We have a diverse group, and our members enjoy everything from revolvers and bolt actions to modern sporting rifles.”

Liberal Gun Club Executive Director Ed Gardner said, “We welcome the Texas chapter and look forward to promoting the safe, responsible, and fun use of firearms in the Lone Star State.”

The mission of the Liberal Gun Club is to provide a voice for gun-owning liberals and moderates in the national conversation on gun rights, gun legislation, firearms safety, and shooting sports. We serve as a national forum for all people, irrespective of their personal political beliefs, to discuss firearms ownership, firearms use, and the enjoyment of firearms-related activities free from the destructive elements of political extremism that dominate this subject on the national scale. We also actively develop and foster a variety of programs for the purpose of firearms training and firearms safety education, for both gun owners and non-gun owners.

Juha Nolo
Edward Gardner