All T-Shirts are on Sale in the Store!

til 01 October, or they are sold out.  Free Shipping as always.

Food for thought: I’m wearing the Womyn’s 2 XL Shirt and it fits just fine. The shirt style itself is basically the same as the men’s, IMHO. I’m one of those men who are sort of in between sizes on t-shirts. The Womyn’s T-shirts seem to have narrower shoulders than the Men’s sizes. So the XL womyn’s shirt is tight in the shoulders for me, but my shoulders are fairly wide for my torso. so there you have it.

So male identified folks, If you have been wanting a color option that is not so drab, here is your chance.

Female identified folks, time to get a shirt!

In case you’re wondering, ALL of the t-shirt styles are on sale, gender inclusive.