Recently, Michigan passed some legislation that will give people with a concealed pistol license (CPL) permission to carry a stun gun (or Taser).

Governor Rick Snyder has signed legislation allowing Michigan residents with concealed pistol licenses to carry a Taser as a nonlethal form of self-protection.

It was one of several measures signed into law Tuesday by Snyder. Specialized training also is required to legally carry a stun gun.

Michigan joins 43 other states that allow residents to carry stun guns under certain circumstances.

Many other states already have civilian legal carry of stun guns and Tasers. Do people replace their conceal carry firearm with a taser or stun gun? Do they supplement their firearm with a Taser so they can drop back to a less lethal option if need be? Logistically speaking, how would you carry a Taser? Does it just require a different holster or a pocket sheath? Is there a reloader or is it just a single shot?

But hey, there are MORE questions that I’d like to ask and discuss. How does this impact someone legally? If I’m carrying a firearm and a Taser, what do I reach for first in a lethal force situation? When I can legally use a Taser when I couldn’t reach for the firearm? (I’d like to point out that I don’t *want* to reach for the firearm first because I’m a bloodthirsty villain. Just curious as to the legal ramifications.)

So, what do you think? Please join us here for discussion.