A couple of points to be clear on, as there were non-LGC folks that were involved in this interview as well:

Phil Phillips, the one quoted as being against having guns in the house for self-defense, is NOT a LGC member. He was a first-time invited guest and his quote does not reflect the club’s position.

Also, “kilt guy” is a Pink Pistols member come to check us out and is also NOT a club member

With that out of the way, the interview hit on some really important stuff, so here are a couple of great snippets:

There’s an old trope in gun control circles: If you’re being robbed, instead of playing the hero with a gun it’s much safer to simply cooperate. Give them what they want.

“Well what if they want you dead?” asked Fordham University School of Law professor Nicholas Johnson.

Johnson is an expert in firearms law and wrote “Negroes and the Gun,” a book on the history of armed self-defense in the black community.

And this one, from Ross, whose blog we share here as well:

Eliot said spontaneous violence is a serious concern at demonstrations like the Women’s March. He pointed to the white supremacist who stabbed two men on a Portland train in 2017 and the neo-Nazi who killed someone when he drove his car into a crowd of protesters in Charlottesville.

You can read the full article here:


And a big thank you to Oregon Public Radio for reaching out to us!