There is a symbol that’s come up in the last few days. You may have read about it.


I will say this: Symbols are important. Solidarity is important.

“We must, indeed, all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”




Solidarity is important. Symbols are important. Action is important. If you wear a pin, act. That action need not be violent. But it should be obvious.

That action shouldn’t be riot. Burning stores, turning cars, breaking glass. None of that.

Actually do something, though. Sit with someone on a bus. Take someone to the range. Intervene if necessary. Kindness is action. These are things we can do, today. Do them. Don’t burn down buildings, help someone up. Keep someone safe. The “gun culture” is fond of talking about sheepdogs. Be the sheepdog. Action is active. The pin is optional.

There is another symbol you may be familiar with, I will leave the cognitive dissonance it creates to the reader, but it means the same thing, or at least it used it.


Make it more than a hashtag. The pin is optional.