In this time of social distancing, it is really important not to be socially isolated. We have been finding ways for our members to communicate, virtual pubs, we launched a Discord server for members only, and plenty of check ins with folks on the forums and social media. We might even start doing video reviews. But we wanted more.

Part of our core mission is education, to that end we’d like to announce Social Distance Learning brought to you by the LGC. Free online classes on a range of firearms topics, with a live instructor and up to 100 participants.

So far we have:

  • Basic Firearms Safety (for those of you who rushed out to get a gun when the pandemic started shutting down cities).
  • Basic Firearms Maintenance
  • How to Build and AR
  • Emergency Medical Techniques (think Stop the Bleed)
  • Reloading Basics

And anything else we can think of. Real classes, real people, live Q&A. It won’t be good enough to get your CCW, and it won’t replace in person instruction at a range, but, its also better than nothing.

And I expect we will put the class recordings out for members on our website, so if you miss it, you will still be able to see what happened!

We will be using the Zoom client and posting registration and schedules soon. Our instructors are putting schedules together.

If you are a member, have a class idea, and are willing to teach online, send us a note!

Stay tuned!