Once again, first aid guru, Lonny, has delivered another Stop the Bleed training!

This time, we asked Lonny to document his advice:

“After many questions about Individual First Aid Kits (IFAKS) I have been asked to post some links and information for folks to use in determining what types of materials and equipment to purchase. This is just given as advice and not an indorsement of any supplier or manufacturer, but purely as a suggestion as to where to start.

I suggest that you determine the level of your ability and potential needs, based on your location and the availability of immediate assistance. Additionally, there are more resources than those that I am including here. Also, you are not locked into purchasing a pre-made kit, but can buy a pack and then purchase what you think you will need for your IFAK. The advantage of a pre-made kit is that it will include all of the needed materials for a possible trauma event. I suggest that at a minimum you have a tourniquet, chest seals, clotting material to include QuikClot and one of the alternative clotting agents, such as, Celox as well as general First Aid materials

Here are some of the companies that you can use for purchasing your IFAK. I am not recommending which kit you should by, but rather you need to determine your needs and potential use. Also, price will vary some from site to site, but will be relatively similar for the same products.


Rescue Essentials

North American Rescue

You should avoid using Amazon or other providers as they often will use knockoffs that will fail when needed. If you do choose to use others, please verify that they are the real thing.

I would also recommend that you purchase these items for your IFAK. It will make sense to purchase more than one of these for you IFAK.

Tring Finger Tourniquet

Micromend Cut Kit

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