Well, besides some occasional technical glitches and despite some learning curve with the tools of the trade, we finally have the Social Distance Learning program off the ground and in-flight. We completed the second class last night, Firearms Maintenance: Revolvers and Lever Guns.

Some folks were not able to join, and the class registration maxed out at 100. It also seems that not everyone got the email with the Zoom meeting information, so they were not all able to join the class live, or joined it late.

(I’m told its the SECOND email that has the Zoom info, we will figure that out for the future classes).

We have a schedule coming together, and will make registration live via the website as soon as we finalize it (and maybe fix the Zoom info difficulties), but the next couple weeks look like this:

April 6 – Fundamentals of Home Defense with a firearm Alessandro Padovani
April 8 – Pistol Reloading Fundamentals with Scott Richardson
April 12 – Basics of Bullseye Pistol with Richard Lidzbarski
April 13 – Fundamentals of Concealed Carry with Alessandro Padovani.
April 20 – Fundamental of Intuitive Defensive Carbine with Alessandro Padovani
April 27 – Counter Ambush Training Methodology overview with Alessandro Padovani
TBD – Basic Firearms Safety with Mike Ross
TBD – Introduction to Range Safety
TBD – MantisX Tips and Tricks

Each class will be about an hour to 90 minutes, and right now they are all planned to be mid evening Eastern time. We will get them scheduled for real and let you know. Make sure you check out the Events page on the Membership portal.

We also will be scheduling office hours with these instructors for any follow up questions, either via Zoom meeting or on our newly created Discord server, so if you missed a class and had to watch it on YouTube, or had follow up questions, we will have you covered.

And, if you missed the first two, here they are, uncut, on our channel (you should probably go ahead and subscribe). We will get the video cleaned up a bit, but we want them amterial to be available as soon as possible, so they are online, warts and all:

Class 2, Revolvers and Lever Guns:

We may change these to a more webinar format in the future, so we can accomodate more stuents, but right now they are interactive, moderated classes.

I want to thank all the instructors who have stepped up, and all the participants who have been patient with our tech problems (internet outages, Zoom, audio issues).

See you in class!