For real this time!

We had a successful kickoff of the programming last night, Oregon’s Scott Richardson did a basic firearms maintenance class, covered Glock, Sig and did an AR bolt. It was well attended and Scott did an awesome job!

Have a look here when you have a spare hour:

It was so much fun, we didn’t get to all the guns he wanted to cover. And since we have it under control (mostly) from a tech perspective, we are opening the next one up to a wider audience. Still just members only, but hey, membership is cheap! And the class itself is free!

Firearms Maintenance: Revolvers and Lever Guns

Sign up, come ask questions, come listen to Scott talk about guns! Don’t be socially isolated if you don;t have to!

The class will be available on YouTube shortly after it wraps up, barring technical difficulty.

Our YouTube Channel (don’t mind the dust, we haven’t really used it)